How To Boost Your Disability Rating

If you are a veteran and you find yourself in a state where it becomes tough to work because of the injuries and illnesses that you have developed over the years, you would want to get a high disability rating for you to be able to sustain your way of life without making any compromises.

There are some situations when your condition is given a rating that is too low, however, and that can be devastating. Alas, there are different ways for you to increase this rating so that you get exactly what you deserve — read on to find out more.

  • Get a Second Opinion and Use Testimonies

If your disability rating is too low, it is likely that your examiner simply does not comprehend the severity of your illness or injury. If the examiner is unwilling to hear out your plight about this, you can try and get a certificate from a doctor from a private hospital or clinic. Take this certificate and present this to your examiner and he or she may likely reconsider your rating.

If you do not want to spend money on a private physician, use testimonies from your fellow veterans and your family to better convince your examiner of the severity of your condition.

  • Work With a Law Firm to Make an Appeal

Another way for you to increase your disability rating is to work with a law firm to help you file a claim and to look over your appeal. This is an arduous process because you have to go out of your way to find all kinds of evidence so that the decision on your rating can be changed. Working with a law firm will only increase your odds because lawyers who specialize in these cases specifically have seen these cases before and know what it takes to get a decision reversed and get your rating raised.

  • Determine Unemployability

Suppose all else fails and you cannot have your rating increased based on what you have proven about your illness or injury. In that case, it is still possible to increase the amount of money you receive by simply proving that you can no longer be employed as a direct effect of your illness or injury. This is very important because this is the only other option to make sure that you can sustain yourself even if your examiner does not deem your condition to warrant an increase in rating. Working with a qualified lawyer will once again be useful for this case because they can help you gather the documents that you need to prove your unemployability and they can look over your case very carefully to maximize your odds of winning.

  1. Let The Right Lawyers Help You

One common factor that is shared among all of the methods that we have discussed so far is that all of these cases can be dealt with better with the help of a qualified law firm. If you handle your case by yourself, you may not know where to start because this is the first time you have ever had to deal with something like this — a VA dedicated law firm has likely seen this hundreds if not thousands of times, so they can very accurately guide you towards the right path of getting your rating increased.

One such law firm that is more than qualified to take on your case is Berry Law. Berry Law is a law firm dedicated to veterans and is created by veterans; they know what is at stake when you fight for fair compensation because of your disability. Go from 70 to 100 VA Disability with Berry Law.