How Plastic Materials are Improving the Cleanliness of Food Trucks

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How Plastic Is Helping Food Trucks Stay Clean

Food trucks are growing in popularity, both with entrepreneurs and with the general public. A cultural phenomenon, the food truck provides an opportunity for a chef to offer a signature dish or two to eager customers, without a large amount of overhead and with the freedom to move from event to event or location to location. A kitchen on wheels, a food truck must meet health department, USDA and FDA regulations to ensure the food it creates is safe for human consumption. This requires a carefully crafted food preparation area that will ensure food stays at the right temperature while stored, is handled carefully and is cooked to perfection. Plastics, because of their durability and the ability to sanitize them thoroughly, are a great option for food trucks.

Plastics Help Food Trucks Create a Safe Food Prep Environment

For a food truck to operate lawfully, it must first attain a license. As part of the licensing process, an inspector will look closely at the truck’s cleanliness and the owner’s ability to handle food safely. Everything from food storage to food prep areas and even the fire extinguishing system will be thoroughly inspected to ensure the food is prepared and handled safely.


How can plastics help? Many plastics, such as High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), have specific features that make them ideal for food prep applications. This material, for example, is moisture and chemical resistant. This means it is less likely to soak in moisture from raw food, which can harbor bacteria, and can easily be cleaned with even strong chemicals designed to sanitize a kitchen workspace.


Plastics are also ideal for food prep stations in food trucks because they resist damage from knife cuts. A durable, easy-to-clean work surface that is also lightweight is ideal for the food truck environment. In addition, because HDPE and other plastics can come in a range of colors, a food truck can create the right look while also ensuring that the area is clean and sanitary.


Plastics Work Beyond Food Prep

While food prep and storage areas in food trucks are a huge place where plastics can make a difference, this is just one potential application. Food trucks also need mirrors, lighting, vinyl wraps and windows, and all of these can be made with plastic materials. Eve menu boards, flooring and dividers can utilize plastics to increase the durability and aesthetics of the truck, without adding to its weight.


Food trucks are taking over the food scene in cities around the country. Plastics are making it easier and more affordable to create a food truck and capitalize on this trend. The merging of food trucks with plastics is a perfect relationship that leads to delicious, eclectic food options.