How Men Can Improve Their Sex Drive

After the age of 35, or in some cases even earlier, as testosterone levels drop men’s libido starts to decline as well. As all men are different, they also experience different decline intensity. However, does this mean your sex life will suffer from now on? The short answer is: no. There’s a lot of ways for you to improve sex drive in this with some of the male enhancement products.

What causes low sex drive?

Before we find out how to boost libido, let’s take a look at the causes of low sex drive. Here they are:

  • Psychological issues – stress and anxiety from work, family life, and many other problems can take their toll on your sexual desire.
  • Medical problems – some diseases can also affect your libido. For example: diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Furthermore, even some medications can cause low libido and it’s advised to consult your doctor about this issue when you get prescription for some pills.
  • Hormonal causes – as mentioned above, testosterone levels play a big role on your sex drive as well as other hormones like thyroid hormone, high levels of prolactin (rarely).

Improving sex drive

As much as decreased libido seems helpless for you now, you should bear in mind that you can boost your sex drive. For example:

  1. Stay active

First, physical activity is very important for your overall health and your sex drive as well. Take up sport, go to gym, even go for a walk and whenever you feel too comfortable with intensity of the workout or physical activity of your choice challenge yourself. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and vitality and this physical confidence will transmit into sex confidence as well. Plus, exercise is beneficial for your heart which pumps up blood through your body, including penis. Your penis works on blood pressure and the brain sends signals to your penis which causes vessels to become engorged with blood that is pumped by heart. Therefore, everything that’s good for your heart is also good for your penis and sex drive.

  1. Have a glass of wine

One glass of wine with dinner is beneficial for your heart health. Plus, sipping on one glass of wine can put you at ease and increase your desire to be intimate with your partner. However, make sure you don’t drink more as too much alcohol can ruin your ability to perform the act by affecting the erectile function and the ability to achieve orgasm.

  1. Relieve stress

As mentioned above, stress is major contributor to decreased libido. Therefore, reliving stress is one way to improve your libido and have a healthy sex life. The best way to relieve stress is through physical activity, going to the gym or signing up for martial arts class.

  1. Take supplements

There are countless male enhancement supplements on the market that you can use to boost your libido and sexual performance. Products like RockHard Weekend Pills are made of natural ingredients such as epimedium or horny goat weed that boosts sex hormones, maca root extract that improves sexual performance and many others. The supplement is an aphrodisiac and aims to boost stamina, endurance and testosterone levels in order to provide bigger and firmer erections and better ejaculation.

  1. Discuss relationship issues with your partner

If you’ve just had an argument with your spouse, girlfriend, or partner the chances are high that you don’t really feel like having sex. It’s perfectly okay when these things happen from time to time but if your relationship is characterized by frequent fights that could be a problem. These arguments aggravate your stress and anxiety which decreases your libido. Therefore, discuss major relationship issues with your partner in order to stop arguing over same things that ruin your sex life.

  1. Ditch bad habits

Smoking and drinking alcohol are bad habits that could potentially add to your declined libido. If you have already wanted to quit smoking or ditch the habit of drinking a couple of beers when you come home, now it would be a perfect time to do so.

  1. Healthy diet matters

Healthy diet isn’t just for people who want to avoid getting heart attack or for people who just got out of the hospital. In order to have healthy sex life and boost your sex drive, you have to make some lifestyle adjustments which also include eating healthy foods rich in vitamins and other nutrients. Plus some foods act like natural aphrodisiacs such as almonds, artichoke, asparagus, avocado, banana, passion fruit, coconut, dates, garlic and onions, eggs, mango, mushrooms, pistachios, parsley, mint tea, celery and many more.


As we age our libido declines as well, but for healthy sex life there’s a lot we can do to boost the libido and sexual performance. The key is in a healthy lifestyle characterized by physical activity, healthy diet, reduced stress and avoidance of bad habits like smoking and drinking. Try to include natural aphrodisiacs listed above into your diet instead of fatty and sugary foods.