Things to Know About VirScan- A New Blood Test Technique

Recently, the medical industry has introduced a new blood test that could identify about 1,000 viruses that could have ever reached to an individual’s blood stream. This blood test, named as VirScan that scans the viruses throughout the body of an individual is said to change how the current system of medicine works. This method is said to be still under research but when it will get started successfully, the transmission rates of the infectious disease may get reduced that too without initial clinical manifestations.

What actually VirScan is?

The VirScan is considered as a new technology which claims that with a single drop of blood, the experts could determine about viruses that a person ever had. On carrying a detailed research, it was found that some of the identified viruses affect the immune system responses while potentially increasing the probability of future occurrence of different types of chronic diseases and cancer. Some of the renowned health centres and medical clinics like the have carried initial VirScan tests in order to make sure that the test results are getting desired results. Besides that, the VirScan technology also helps in the field of research that may determine the pattern of disease development across different races as well as population throughout the entire spectrum.

Working of individual immune system

The white blood cells (WBC) in the immune system are released in order to combat with the viruses or any foreign substances that enter our body. There are wide numbers of specialized WBC termed as T and B lymphocytes that not just fight against the viruses, but they also remember its characteristics. They carry with themselves the memories of previously destroyed viruses and help them to know how to deal with those viruses if any of the virus or pathogens re-enters the body.

As a result, the VirScan generally works by searching the imprints made by the immune system. Also, as they will encounter different types of viruses throughout the life of an individual, the diagnosis of any disease would be done immediately.

A closer look at the VirScan functionality

By incorporating the VirScan in several routine checkups, it will allow the doctors and medical experts to detect different kinds of diseases before it actually appears. These diseases are those that have high potential to get exaggerated while transforming into severe conditions if they are diagnosed later. As a result, the doctors can pre-examine the conditions and can prescribe different preventive measures for the patients even if the actual symptoms don’t appear with the patients. This way, the diseases may be prevented from occurring on a wide scale. Also, the VirScan justifies the saying- “Prevention is better than cure.”

Some of the diseases like the Hepatitis C have the ability to get cured if they are diagnosed at the early stages. This way, the doctors could get help in prescribing different curative therapies for different kinds of diseases that are hard to treat during the late pathological phases. It is helpful for those diseases that do not appear at once, but most of the patients suffer from its aggravated infection. Besides pre-treatment of diseases, the VirScan helps in determining how the immune system reacts to the virus by determining the effect for other diseases.

Along with all the above-mentioned benefits of the VirScan, the historical pattern of any disease is also determined through VirScan. Generally, the researchers suggest that the treatment can be carried by the testing frozen blood samples of any individual that are used from the previous studies.

On the whole, it could be said that the VirScan helps in delivering the helpful results right from determining the history of one’s medical condition to pre-treating the diseases. As a result, with just a single drop of blood, the VirScan checks for all types of viruses that can affect the health of an individual sooner or later.