Healthy Vegetarian Diet for Weight loss

Vegeterian Diet For Weight Loss

It is imperative to maintain a healthy body to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, some of us find it hard to do so. When we start taking in more food than is required by our body, our body starts to store the fat and we tend to be become over weight. The excess weight we put on is never good. Not for bodily functions or for our self-esteem.

Fortunately, there are many healthy ways of losing all that excess weight. It is best though, to stick to vegetarian diet as it not only helps you lose weight, but also detoxifies your body. You will clean, lean and healthy if you follow a vegetarian diet for weight loss.

The vegetarian diet for weight loss only works however, if you rigorously follow it without any cheating. The following vegetarian diets are recommended for weight loss:

Healthy Breakfast:

  • Have a bowl of oatmeal or cereal.
  • Any one fruit. Preferable apples as they reduce your urge to consume caffeinated beverages.
  • You can also substitute cereal with a banana smoothie every once in a while. It is rich in calcium and heavy enough to get you through the morning.

oats Breakfast

Healthy Lunch:

  • A generous serving of fruit or vegetable salad should be able to satiate your hunger. You can even create a combination of fruits and vegetables.
  • Brown rice with lentil curry is also healthy.

Healthy Snacks:

  • A cup of unsweetened yogurt.
  • Dry fruits and nuts, as they contain sustained energy and will keep you full for longer.

Healthy Dinner:

  • Whole wheat pasta with some vegetables makes for a great dinner.
  • You can include light, fresh fruit juices as well.
  • If you want to have a light dinner, soups will work well too.

Healthy- Dinner-juice


  • Your calorie intake per day should not go lower than 1200 calories. This is bad for your body and may lead to weakness.
  • Do not include fattening sauces in your salads, they beat the entire purpose of the vegetarian diet for weight loss. You will never lose weight fast enough. The little things do matter.
  • There should always be a variation in the fruits and vegetables you eat everyday. This will ensure you get balanced nutrition and you won’t get bored of eating the same combination everyday. You can also have a completely vegetarian salad one day, and only fruit salad the next day.
  • Snacking in between meals is inevitable as you will get hungry faster. Make sure you snack healthy. Nuts, yogurt and whole wheat biscuits are your best bets. One slip, and you can toss your dream of losing weight out the window.
  • Fresh fruit juices don’t include mangoes. Mango juice is heavy and rich in calories. Avoid including mango in your weight loss diet.
  • Use skimmed milk for all your smoothies. They ensure no excess fat gets into your system. Fruit smoothies make really good and healthy substitutes for breakfast.
  • Never skip a meal. Skipping a meal causes imbalance in your body. You may also end up eating a lot more than you should in your next meal. This will not aid your weigh loss regime.
  • Avoid meats. This is a vegetarian diet for weight loss. Meats pack in unnecessary amounts fats and cholesterol. Staying away from meats may be difficult initially, but keep yourself motivated. Maintaining a vegetarian diet for weight loss will ensure that your body is detoxified and healthy.