Health: It’s all About Consciousness

When you meet Ivan Rados you will soon learn that he is a great mystic even though he may not label himself as such.

You will read on his website that Ivan “is not associated with any particular healing modularity and methodology, spiritual movement, religion or tradition.

Ivan’s deep and authentic rooting in the unknown provides him the insight and ability to be of great service to the evolution of Consciousness in these most transformative of times.”

Artist, Healer, and Author Ivan RadosYou will also learn he has a deep compassion for the arts and creative people. He sees those who have submerged themselves beneath a weight of difficulties as amazingly creative people. Ivan has shared the bigger the mess, the more amazing they are. He feels we create our own reality so when a person finds their life topsy turvy their powers to manifest must be really ramped up in order to produce one nightmare after another!

Rados goes on to state those people are the ones who can spin it all around and totally manifest the complete opposite. Bliss.

Once you grasp the incredible range of wisdom and ability Ivan possesses, you will understand why Namaste Publishing was eager to print his latest book, It’s All About Consciousness.”

The following is a review by Barbara Cronin of IntheFlowWriting.

What’s with All These Lifestyle Diseases?

If you take a look at the people of the world on any given day, week, or month there’s one thing you’ll find; people are sick and getting sicker. This isn’t just in regards to the common cold and other viruses; lifestyle diseases (heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and more) are on the rise dramatically.

We seek doctors of one kind or another to heal us from our ills, no matter what they are. In fact a look at the world reveals not just physical sickness but also emotional, mental, and spiritual maladies abound. When we seek “professional” help for whatever ails us we look for answers and healing. We want someone to “do” something to make us better or tell us what to “do.”

Looking Within for Healing

Ivan Rados in his critically acclaimed book health: It’s All About Consciousness expresses how he thinks we are going about healing and being healthy in the completely wrong way. In fact he asserts that the miracle isn’t in curing what ails us; he thinks the miracle is that we’ve avoided seeing the true source of healing for so long.

Rados Sacred Geometry CardsAnd what, who, or where is this true source of healing we mistakenly pay thousands of dollars to others to get? Within ourselves, of course!

Rados believes that we are all One with the infinite source of health, love, and energy and that One of perfection exists within us all. We are perfect in body, mind, and soul. Once we realize this we unlock the key to perfect health; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Sacred Geometry Cards by RadosA native of Yugoslavia, Rados moved to Canada in 2001. Rados credits his parents for allowing him the opportunity to discover his own true path and his own true power (that we all have within us) not by leading by their own example but rather through having their own sicknesses in their souls.

Rados believes that these problems we all may have are the gifts from those who are sick to allow us to move to higher areas of enlightenment. The two sacred geometry illustrations shown here are from “Transform Your Life Through Sacred Geometry” Card Deck, one of his previous publications.

Learning the Simple Act of “Being”

Rados teaches the reader that the state of simply “being” is all we need to be concerned with today. When we are able to enter the state of “being” on a regular, consistent basis we will unblock energies and heal ourselves.

In fact the premise of health: It’s All About Consciousness contends just that; we only need to look within to heal our ailments. Rados believes that when we look for external people to “do” or tell us what to “do” we are missing the point. We don’t need to “do” anything but rather “be” and we will discover optimal health, peace, and happiness.

In his 163 page paperback book, health: It’s All About Consciousness, Rados leads you step-by-step to how you can attain this “beingness”and tap into the power to heal yourself.

Connecting to Ultimate Perfection

health: It's All About Consciousness bookcoverYou’ll learn how to release anxieties, fears, and tensions and regain the ultimate health you desire and deserve.

Tapping into the Chakras for healing and self knowledge as well as utilizing meditation and “being,” Rados reveals step-by-step how to heal yourself, keep yourself healthy, and finally connect to the ultimate perfection that you are right now, today.

This is an interesting, well written book that combines intuitive wisdom of the self with scientific evidence and beliefs to support the ultimate health in all people.