Learn Hypnosis Basics for Free with Hypnosis Downloads

Have an interest in hypnosis?

Considering buying a book or taking a class?

Before you do check out this free, five part online class on hypnosis.

Learn the basics of hypnosis, hypnosis 101, in this comprehensive, no nonsense online learning course led by native Englander, Roger Elliot.

Free Online Hypnosis Course

Whether you’re just interested in learning hypnosis on the “side” or have a more serious pursuit in mind this online course in hypnosis will help you learn more about this intriguing approach to changing habits and limiting beliefs.

The course begins by teaching just what hypnosis is and exactly what it isn’t. With numerous stereotypes accompanying hypnosis, this course helps to unravel and end myths often associated with hypnotic trance techniques.

Will you learn to put others into a deep trance in which they’ll do all sorts of outrageous feats? Can you hypnotize your children to say “yes” to your every chore request? Maybe, but you’ll have to sign up for this course to find out for certain.

Inducing Self Hypnosis Techniques

I’ve always been mesmerized by hypnosis and the concept of putting the mind into a state of consciousness that allows it to remember suppressed events, learn and un-learn certain behaviors, and be in such a relaxed state the person hypnotized feels no stress, threats, or trauma.

The overall idea of being able to use certain techniques to engage the mind and lead it to another state of consciousness has always fascinated me. Naturally when I came across this program I jumped on the opportunity to learn more, I was hopeful it wasn’t full of fluff or a trap to just sell products.

I wasn’t disappointed with this free online hypnosis course. The course is full of useful information to get the student accustomed with hypnosis and then the student actually learns the techniques needed to induce hypnosis on the self or another person.

I found the lessons informative, easy to understand, and I especially liked that the lessons came by way of text, audio, and written exercises.

Introduction to Hypnosis Made Easy

The combination of these three teaching techniques helped me to thoroughly understand as well as remember what I was learning about hypnosis.

Once you complete this five part online hypnosis course you’ll be able to plan and execute a hypnosis session and focus on specific goals for whoever is being hypnotized.

I recommend this course for anyone interested in learning more about using hypnotic techniques to promote change. At the very least you’ll become more knowledgeable about an interesting subject that’s a great conversation topic!

The company also offers other programs teaching hypnosis in more depth for a fee. They are not pushy on the sales and I did not experience any follow up sales emails filling my inbox.

I enjoyed learning more about hypnosis and found the company to be reputable and they create very good quality course work. Sadly, however, my kids are still resisting most chores.