How to make sure this rough economy does not ruin your health care

Even though Obama has promised to bring the economy back on track, there is still a long way to go. The health reform is said to be implemented by October 2013. it is believed to make the cost of health care much more affordable. For the meantime you still need to protect your health. This rough economy is not that favorable to people with a health problem. Here is what you need to do.

First of all change your lifestyle

It all starts with the way you live your life. You need to eat well, exercise often and sleep enough. You already know that smoking is not good so quit. Fruits contain a lot of essential vitamins that boost your immune system, keeping you healthy in the process. Eat a lot of fruits, they should be part of your daily meals. With daily exercises you can keep chronic diseases like diabetes and heart diseases away.

Don’t miss your regular check ups

Regularly check your cholesterol levels and all other basic screening tests that are usually done in a hospital. The earlier a medical condition is caught the least expensive is going to cost. If you are dealing with a chronic condition like diabetes or a heart disease it is important to keep up to date with your doctor. If you allow those diseases to get worse it will cost your more money.

How to cut prescription drug cost

If you are already on a particular drug you can always check online to see if there is a cheaper offer somewhere for that same drug. You may get some mail-order pharmacies offering discounted prices for 3 months worth of drug.

The use of a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

This type of account saves you in taxes. So you can rely on it to cut cost. This account allows you to spend money on health care that is not covered by insurance. One strategy is to put in your FSA just the money you intend to spend on medicine and co-pays. In case you are asked to prove you do follow the FSA rules, you will be required to produce a receipt. So make sure you keep it well. The disadvantage of the FSA account is that by the end of the year you will lose all the money you didn’t spend. So make sure you spend it before the end of the year.

Low-cost plans may be the right option for you

If you are the type of person that rarely gets sick you might consider going for a highly-deductible insurance plan. You can buy it on your own or through your employer. The advantage is that monthly payments are relatively low. The risk is you may end up paying more money than the average person if a serious disease should arise.

Not all medical procedures are necessary

Medicine is a business just like any other business out there. People in the medical field are also trying to sell their products to their clients. Not all services they offer are necessary. To save cost you must avoid offers like teeth whitening or a neck adjustment at the chiropractor.

Make sure the doctor assists you with your health care choices

You can rely on your doctor to let you know which medical procedures are really necessary. This can save you money with respect to the medical procedures that are elective. Make sure to explain your financial situation to the doctor. He may be able to help you by letting you know the different options available to help cut the cost. By using the right strategies, you should be able to afford the health care that you deserve.