Hair Loss Prevention Brands To Try Out

You should not be ashamed to admit it; losing your hair is one of the most troubling experiences men can have. Some of us just try to hide this by constantly wearing a hat, but that is not always practical. Others would resort to combing their hair in specific ways to hide the bald spots, but this just makes your hair look weird. 

You want to fix your hair loss problems by using the right anti-hair loss products. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few great brands that you can give a try today.


Rogaine, also known as minoxidil, is probably the brand that you hear about first. The Use of Rogaine as a cure for baldness has been featured in many comedy films, including the popular movie “The Hangover”. Rogaine is commonly referenced as the absolute first product that you should try if you are already experiencing hair loss symptoms. You should treat Rogaine more as a means of prevention rather than a cure, however. The great thing about this brand is that it has been around for awhile which means that its effectiveness is well known and proven.


One of the main reasons men lose hair is that as they age, the hormone production known as Testosterone is severely reduced. The leading solution for this is taking an orally taken medicine known as Finasteride, also known by the brand name Propecia. 

Propecia is a highly recommended brand by a lot of dermatologists because it is an excellent way to naturally boost human growth hormone and testosterone to make sure that hair loss is slowed down.


Even though Rogaine is known as the go-to brand for hair loss, certain chemicals cause severe breakage for people who have had their hair colored. If you have ever had your hair colored and are looking for the best alternative to Rogaine, you should try a brand called Lipogaine which tends to work precisely like Rogaine but without any of the harmful effects for colored hair.


HairMax is one of the more unorthodox additions to this list because it comes from a comb that you can use on your scalp to stimulate your hair follicles. This works by increasing the blood flow in the area, allowing for other products such as Rogaine to have a better effect. 

However, you should use this product with caution because the lights that are emitted by the device do have the potential to be harmful if not used sparingly.


Perhaps the best addition to this list is a newer brand called GroMD. You can be sure that this brand is safer than the others because the products associated with this brand were designed and developed by medical doctors who specialize in hair loss—the reason why Gro.MD is so effective that it uses the ingredients Hairgenyl, which promotes faster hair growth, Planoxia, which increases the depth and size of hair follicles; Redensyl, which increases the number of hair follicles on the scalp. And Capixyl, which preserves the stem cell activity of hair follicles. 

So there you have it, you do not have to worry about your confidence being damaged because of hair loss. There are plenty of proven brands that are great at not only reversing the effects of hair loss but preventing hair loss in the first place. Just take your time when trying to study these products, and you should be able to maintain a gorgeous full head of hair!