5 Ways men can improve their relationships

Let’s face it: The world is changing and in the era of dating apps and consumerism, unless you belong to an exclusive cult, things have become rather competitive. Humans now have “analysis paralysis” and go the extra mile in their conquest for perfection. At the same time, the modern man increasingly faces confusion as to his identity – and is increasingly looking for ways to up their game.

You are not alone in wanting to improve a relationship– as the US faces divorce rates of between 40 and 50%. So here are 5 ways men can improve their relationships, especially during the dating phase and early months of a relationship:

Get rid of erectile dysfunction and boost sexual performance

So many people underestimate the importance of chemistry and a good physical relationship. Let’s also be honest: if you’re boyfriend number 40 at age 30, you will off course be compared and at least required to satisfy your partner. One example of a popular solution men use these days is Alpha Male Plus – who has just gone through their grand opening and are taking the market by storm. It is said to be rather effective, with men raving about their results. Getting rid of ED and having a good sexual performance that you’re comfortable with will certainly help. But off course it is not everything. Are we saying you are in a race or competition? No, but it can easily feel that way, particularly in todays environment with social pressure.


Create fun dates and experiences that are out of the ordinary

The same old routine of going to a restaurant and then doing Netflix at home to get lucky is perhaps such an outdated script that ordinary people follow. Sure it can be ideal once in a while – but think outside the box. In fact, here you can find more than 40 ideas for fun dates to organize. So there is no excuse to keep doing the ordinary. It is all about creating a unique experience that is memorable and different.


Be the best version of yourself – and be a gentleman

There is no need to be “Mr. Nice Guy” and pretend to have a different character. Yes with thinks like life coaching and NLP, we can be improved versions of ourselves, but ALWAYS be yourself and do not try to act like someone else. For example: if you have a hunch that your date likes men to be in a certain way, do not go out of your way to try and conform to the expectation if that is not you. If anything, later on you will be appreciated for never misrepresenting yourself. There is nothing worse than learning someone got disappointed over time because you “changed” over time, as we tend to always move back to our default position.


Under promise and over deliver

If there is one thing that dating partners find annoying, then it is people who are all talk and no action. Not only when dating but also during a relationship. Rather promise nothing and deliver something, as opposed to creating expectations with empty promises and then not making good on it. After all, they say that empty cans make the most noise.


Allow the other person to be who they want to be

As much as you want an opportunity to be the best version of yourself, allow the other person just that. Do not fire away with a long list of expectations that may limit the other persons freedom to be what they want to be. Inevitably you will notice who the person is over time and how they are, as opposed to creating pressure through expectations. By not suppressing the other person through fixed thinking – having an open mind can really allow someone to surprize you in a good way. If not, at least you saw the real person for who they are.



There are numerous ways in which relationships with romantic partners can be improved. Equally, there are ways in which a relationship can be structured to reduce pressure and expectations and improve satisfaction for both partners. Obviously getting rid of annoying problems like ED in men, creating fun and adventurous dates and being a gentleman goes a long way. Off course not everything is solvable through quick fixes like Roman, Bluechew, Revactin and so forth. Sometimes you need to also work on yourself: your thinking and attitude towards relationships. There are always more options such as counselling or therapy if you feel that certain mistakes are repeatedly preventing you from being happy. Start by being yourself and allowing someone else to be themselves – and try not to imagine yourself as being a competitor in a race.