Self Acceptance and Ideal Body Image with Exercises in Free Self Help Article

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How to Transform Self-Judgment into Acceptance and Self-Love

Do you remember your adolescence? How so many of us were concerned whether or not we were liked? How hard we judged
ourselves? The slightest skin blemish could make most of us feel self-conscious. The clothes our parents approved
of made us look like we were clueless about what was cool. This is scary stuff for a teenager who wants to be accepted.

So what has changed? We have reached middle age. Many of us are still judging and nit picking our self-image. Sure,
things have shifted a bit. Instead of worrying about that adolescent pimple, some of us now obsess about the fine
lines around our eyes and whether our lips have enough firmness, pooch, and definition. Instead of having to fit
into a size five, seven, or nine–depending on our bone structure–we compare ourselves to the latest size two
models gracing today’s fashion magazines. Many of us have simply replaced one judgment with another. Think about
all the energy we spend judging what we (think) we see in the mirror.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up in the morning and truly love the person we see in the mirror, regardless of
our clothing size, skin wrinkles, or fitness level? Perhaps learning more about self-love could provide us with
the fuel to begin discerning what would truly help us become happier and healthier. Imagine if we could free up
the energy that we spend judging ourselves (which evokes feelings of low self-worth), and channel this energy into
creative actions that could improve our individual wellness.

The following exercise can promote the transformation of self-judgment into self- love. Would you like to turn judgmental
energy into fuel for achieving greater happiness? If so, then get ready to let go of the illusionary perceptions
you see when you look into the mirror and begin to see yourself in a whole new way. The following process can spark
your enthusiasm for creating wholeness and wellness.

Self Awareness Exercise

Step One: Sit comfortably in a chair and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths while moving your hands upward
and gently placing them on your heart.

Step Two: While continuing to breath, choose one aspect of yourself that you don’t like. Take some time to explore
why it makes you unhappy. Go ahead and judge yourself if that’s what comes up. Then pick another item. Take as
long as you need. Remember to continue breathing through whatever you unearth in your mind. If emotions arise,
allow them to have room to express. Allow the energy you have been holding inside to flow, rather than suppressing

Step Three: Take a nice long deep breath, and accept that you have the thoughts and the feelings you are discovering.
Your acceptance can melt away resistance to positive possibilities, which certainly await you.

Step Four: As you accept, also begin to discern what is important to you. Discern what you value and what supports
your well-being. As you breath in acceptance, begin to discern the truth of who you really are inside…inside.
You are beginning to connect with your inner power, which always sees you as love.

Step Five: While in this powerful state where you are aligned with your true inner-self, recognize and discern one
area in your life you would like to improve. Know that everything is perfect in the present and is easily leading
you to the realization of one small action step. Taking this “baby step” today will guide you to greater
levels of self-love, health, and wellness.

Step Six: As you continue breathing, imagine small ways you can take this small step. You can trust that the support
you need will be revealed. Take a few minutes to explore the possibilities. Your breath is now automatic and supports
your potential.

Step Seven: In your mind’s eye, see, hear, or feel how the step you will take today will lead to positive results.
Notice what other baby steps may follow. Make a mental note, as you feel empowered to take action throughout the

Feel your senses adjust to the room around you while you maintain connection to self-love and your inner creator.
Go ahead and gently open your eyes and place you hands in your lap. When you feel fully grounded, go ahead and
continue your day with this newfound awareness.


We can learn to acknowledge and then step beyond self-judgment and the disempowering states it generates, and discover
self-acceptance through discernment. When we judge ourselves but stop there, we immobilize our energy. The judgment
energy just loops inside of us with no place to go, and creates more judgment. We then often feel a lack of personal
power, which creates more judgment and unhappiness.

By using judgment as fuel, we can discover the internal power that can help us to create what we want in life. We
can learn to realize the present moment is absolutely perfect for getting us to where we wish to go. By taking
that very first baby step, we are heading in a direction of self-care and wellness, which begins a positive chain

Please have fun with this self-love exercise. Let it support you in boosting your body image, building your self-esteem,
and providing support for discovering the real you. Whenever you feel down, slow down and discern if you are judging
yourself. IF you are, simply return to the process above. Begin from the inside out and fuel your life with the
energy to be a healthier and happier person. Learn to love who you are today. Remember, there is no time like the
present moment. The actions you take today, creates the you of tomorrow.

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