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The Health Risk of Trans Fats in Your Diet: Every time I think of all the people who have
had heart attacks and developed Adult Onset Diabetes because they followed the governments guidelines, I get indigestion.
Trans fats, or killer fats, are formed through the process of heating vegetable oil in the presence of hydrogen
gas. The hydrogen gas causes the vegetable oil to harden at room temperature to grease-like consistency, creating
chemical changes that are proven detriments to our health… Read

Acid Reflux & The Purple Pill Not!: New names for simple health ailments that have effected people for ages give drug companies with marketing stategies an opportunity to convince you that their latest designer drug will cure what ails you. No matter if you call it indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, or the new scientific name Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease or “GERD” — by balancing your stomach acid through digestive enzymes and other natural inexpensive means you can balance the stomach acid that slips past the small trap door
which separates your esophagus and stomach…Read

Reminiscence by an Octogenarian: So how do you reach 80 and beyond and be healthy, in
great shape, and look forward to continue to live a long, joyous, healthy, quality life? Just follow the simple health
and nutrition rules that I have given you…Read

Granola and Other “Health” Bars? Better Take Another Look!: Manufacturers of snack foods are trying to outwit consumers who read labels to calculate how much sugar they are putting into their bodies.
By reading labels you will find many are adding multiple types of sugars so no one type of sugar is listed as the main ingredient by weight. However if you read the label well and add each on up you will find the sugar content outweighs the other ingredients.

Sugar comes in many different forms, and some of these include:

Mannitol, malodextrin, corn syrup, cane juice, sorbitol, fruit juice concentrate, galactose, polydextrose, lactose, xylitol, raw sugar, turbinado sugar, honey, rice syrup, fructose, and the list goes on…Read

Hydrogenated Oils: The Silent Killers: Trans Fats, and trans fatty acids are directly related to Type 2 Diabetes, and fast food resturants are one of the largest culprits. Also foods that have contain “hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils” are to be avoided unless you want to deal with the health consequences.

Some manufacturers are getting wise, however about ninety percent of the packaged food products in the United States contain unhealthy fats that are the silent killers contributing to poor health and disease…Read

The Sun Good, Bad, or Indifferent?: A 30 Year Expert Gives the Lowdown on Sunshine Well
here’s a professional who dared to say that sunlight was really good for your health and I think you had better listen
up: In a recent New York Times article, a dermatologist named Dr. Michael Holick of Boston University Medical Center,
stated that sunlight is good for you because it aids in the body’s production of vitamin D….Read

Kitchen Cutting Boards and Bacteria: Plastic vs. Wood: Recently a study showed that plastic cutting boards are more prone to the growth of bacteria than wooden cutting boards (such as the old time butcher blocks). Researchers found that micro-organisms were less apt to survive on the wooden cutting surfaces when they were cleaned well after use.

Commerical health mandates assumed plastic would be a better choice than wooden boards which often end up with cracks do to cuts into the wood. But actually hard plastic cutting boards which are easier to clean harbored more bacteria even when cleaned similarly.

During the study it was found the micro-organisms just didn’t survive on the wooden boards when cleaned after use, yet the plastic cutting boards did harbor bacteria with regularity…Read

Nuts and Sunshine: Studies and research has shown that eating nuts is good for your health. In fact, back in 1993 a report in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that heard disease risk was reduced by as much as forty percent in Women who at nuts regulalrly. Also the Archives of Internal Medicine and a British
Medical Journal shared results of studies which revealed the positive benefits of adding nuts to our
diets. If you think nuts make you fat you may want to continue reading this article…Read More

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