Truth About Fats, Cholesterol, and Health: Fats Are Good for You and Other Secrets by Jon J. Kabara, PhD

In “Fats Are Good For You and Other Secrets” by Jon J. Kabara, Ph.D., the content is well explained by the subtitle: “How Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Actually Benefit the Body.”

North Atlantic Books was wise to publish Kabara’s book, which is rich with information.

Years of Academic Study

In the preface, you learn that the author has spent over fifty years studying lipids and their anti-microbial properties. As a doctoral student working with George Leroy, M.D. in 1955, Kabara was part of some of the first studies on cholesterol and cancer.

Nobel prize winner Conrad Block, Ph.D. was also another of his mentors. Block won a Nobel Prize for his work on how the body makes cholesterol. These early experiences where a strong impetus for Kabara to continue his research studies and gather more evidence on how fats offer the body support for wellness and the healing of various symptoms and diseases.

Dr. Kabara Publishes Summary of His Findings

“Fats Are Good For You and Other Secrets” is not a light read. Its technical nature makes it a perfect reference book for doctors and health care practitioners who have a background in medical terminology. For the lay reader interested in boosting their health, this book also offers considerable knowledge but may take some effort to absorb. Still, I would recommend this book to anyone who is health conscious. The wisdom it contains can lead to increased health and longevity, the possibility of avoiding conditions that stimulate disease.

The book’s thirteen chapters contain a well-rounded guide to how certain fats help the body stay well. This is in the form of research studies and a strong base of testimonials on how monolaurin (glyceryl laurate), an anti-microbial lipid, has wide-reaching benefits beyond treatment with antibiotics. You also learn how inflammation may be the culprit in heart disease, versus the idea that high cholesterol levels are the key factor.

Chapter six discusses dietary lipids in oral health, chapter seven dietary fat and the immune system, and chapter eight the role of fats and cancer. Continuing onto chapter nine, you learn about atherosclerosis and infection. By the time you reach chapter twelve’s summary of the fifty years of research on saturated fats and cholesterol, you will most likely be as eager as I was to get more healthy fats in your diet.

Practical Health Benefits

I was very interested in the personal testimonials in the back of the book, which helped me understand why Dr. Kabara was inspired to create the lipid supplement Lauricidin (Laur-i-ci- din — the first “i” is short, the second long, and the third short).

Throughout the chapters, many illnesses and ailments that can be treated with whole food supplementation are listed:

  • Herpes Simplex
  • Sinus Problems
  • Autism
  • Immune System Issues
  • Viral, Bacterial, Yeast, and Fungal Infections
  • Prostrate Enlargement
  • Gastric Ulcers
  • Oral and Gum Difficulties
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Atherosclerosis

After finishing the book, I visited and ordered the product for myself, friends, and family members. Since then, I have referred several people to this book and Kabara’s supplement, Lauricidin.

One story I would like to share is of a friend who is a chiropractor. He was about to give up his practice due to pain in his arm and shoulder that lingered after having West Nile Virus. After a few days on the product, his pain subsided and he no longer has to take early retirement.

Technically Oriented Text Still Useful to Non-Professionals

Even though Dr. Kabara could have written a much easier to follow and less technical reference book for individuals like myself, I still highly recommend “Fats Are Good For You and Other Secrets.” The reader without a medical background will still comprehend much of the information and gain valuable knowledge for improving their immune health and avoiding many diseases and illnesses. It could be that supplementation of the saturated fat monolaurin in the form of Dr. Kabara’s affordable formulation of Lauricidin is a foundation for well-being and resilience.

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