Sweet Fire: Understanding Sugar’s Role in Your Health

This very informative and helpful DVD is presented by Mary Toscano, CNE.

Sweet Fire is a 65 minute DVD loaded with vital information everyone needs to know about sugar’s role in our diets.

If you find you have a sweet tooth, are struggling with sugar addiction, or want to understand more about simple and complex carbs this is a must watch DVD.

In a classroom setting, with props, visuals, and active participants Mary Toscano takes you on a journey into the unknown world of sugar and the havoc it can wreak on the body.

Picture of Sugar CubesIn her gentle, down to earth, and kind style, Toscano vividly teaches the viewer about the dangerous dance most of us unknowingly take part in with sugar. Sweet Fire educates, informs, and opens the viewers’ eyes to facts about sugar, blood sugar levels, and how sugar impacts the body

How Much Sugar Do You Eat a Week?

Toscano begins the program with an unforgettable visual demonstration of how much sugar the average person eats in a week; using actual table sugar to illustrate, the results will astound you (a whopping 216 pounds a year on average!)

Once she has your attention, she goes on to explain the difference between sugar and carbohydrates—and essentially there isn’t a difference.

You will discover the difference (with visual aids) between simple sugars and complex sugars and why this is important to understand.

Toscano explains everything in an easy to understand way utilizing visual aids to make the abstract become concrete for comprehension. If you don’t understand much about sugars and carbohydrates you’ll get it after watching Sweet Fire.

A Fast Food Smoothie is Loaded with SugarYou’ll learn that many of the foods you have been led to believe are healthy really aren’t; did you know the average fast food fruit smoothie has 23 teaspoons of sugar? No wonder sugar addiction is getting out of control in most modernized countries.

A Society on Sugar Overload

Discover which organs of your body are responsible for processing sugar, why complex carbohydrate sugars are so much healthier than simple sugars (why is this if they’re essentially the same?), how empty calories in candy are actually “take away” calories and what that means, and how we’re creating an endless cycle with sugar that ultimately harms all of the body systems and results in disease.

Not Just Sugar Facts; You’ll Also Get the Tools

I’ve watched many DVDs and listened to audio programs that provide great facts, figures, and information on certain problems but they end there; this is not so with Sweet Fire.

Toscano gives you tools to begin breaking free from the sugar curse and ways to start getting healthy right away.

De-Coding Food Labels

Smoothie Nutritional LabelShe teaches the viewer how to read the often confusing food labels; what to look for and what to avoid at all costs. For instance, this food label provides the nutritional facts for a very typical “healthy smoothie” and has 47 grams of sugar, which is equal to almost 12 teaspoons of sugar per serving. The calories in a smoothie do not tell the whole story.

Toscano goes on to give insight on the three most important supplements to take; one is the EFAs or essential fatty acids. She gives you ideas about what foods are good to eat; nuts, nut butters, avocado, whole and organic foods, and more.

Red Flags: Foods to Avoid at All Costs

She also lets you in on what to look for on food labels and alerts you to red flags.

If you see a red flag you should immediately put the food back on the shelf (hint: one is a type of oil common in many foods.)

Sweet Fire DVD CoverToscano tells the viewer to focus on adding foods to assist you in eating healthier not changing or stopping how you eat. She assures the viewer the “adding” approach makes it easier to change how you eat and when you do you’ll naturally begin to avoid the bad foods.

I think that Sweet Fire is an easy to watch, extremely informative DVD that empowers the viewer to improve their health today.

This DVD provides insight into the state of health of the Western world and gives you the tools to protect yourself and your loved ones from succumbing to a fate of disease and sickness.

I learned so much from Sweet Fire and am thankful I was able to view it. I’ve already begun to put what I learned into practice. I highly recommend it for everyone!

Watch a Short Presentation of Sweet Fire