Learn How Drinking Water for Weight Loss Helps the Body Shed Pounds

Holistic Health Education: Drinking Water For Weight Loss

Do you know that nature’s most wholesome beverage is crucial not only for good health, but also to lose weight and to shrink fat?

By Rajgopal Nidamboor

Water makes up almost 80 per cent of the human body. It works in ways you may not have contemplated!

First, things first. The best thing to do is drink water before and during a meal. Water makes you feel full quickly. In the process, it helps you to stop eating.

What’s more, you can drink water throughout the day. Besides, you can also mix the beverage with low-calorie squash and drink the concoction anytime you like. Also, wouldn’t it be a great idea for you to add milk-free-sugarless green tea, a great anti-oxidant, to your drinking water, and sip a cup now and then? You will feel not only full, but more satisfied because you will be able to keep unwanted hunger at bay!

Water makes you feel better even when you lose weight — you do not get that exhausted feeling which would have made the very thought of the word, weight loss, a difficult thing to accept, otherwise.

It ain’t easy, of course, to lose weight with water, or a firm intent. Because, when your body burns fat deposits, it bumps into contaminants and chemicals stored within the fat. This emerging battle can cause you to have fever-like symptoms.

Yet, the fact is — it is only by drinking water aplenty can you provide the means to flush contaminants out of your body, feel comfortable and healthy.

It may also not be easy for you to drink water continually — besides this, you should know how much water is good enough, or not good enough.

Here are a few simple tricks you can use to balance the gap, and make weight loss with water work for you without any deleterious effect:

  • Write a diary or journal, and make an entry every time you drink water during the course of the day, or wakeful hours. Your minimal intake of water should be one-and-a-half to two liters, everyday. Drink a few glasses more, if you want to reduce weight
  • In the event you find it difficult to keep a tab, remember to use pointers to drink water. Have tags — when you brush your teeth, eat breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Or, use prompts such as drinking a glass of water, before you leave for work, or half-hour before lunch
  • Keep in “touch” with water always. Keep a bottle of water wherever you are — at work, or home. Make sure you have an additional bottle that is always full.

However, there is also something which you should know about drinking water that may radically affect weight gain and loss and lead to water retention and kidney problems.

Do you know that water weighs about 7 lb per gallon — which is reason enough why we could get rid of a few fat bulges by losing some retained water quickly? How does this work? Simple! We lose retained water by drinking more water!

We need to, therefore, get into the habit of drinking more water than our body actually needs. This will only induce our body to think that it need not amass extra water. Once this is achieved, you have more than enough water to simply expel that extra water stored up in your cells.

You know this, don’t you? Your kidneys need adequate quantity of water to do their job. If you are not hydrated adequately, the kidneys go into a spell — in other words, they are under pressure. In order to compensate, they seek the assistance of the liver. The liver is the organ that metabolizes fat into energy. With the SOS now goading the liver to compensate kidney function, the liver does not burn stored fat as it plays the proxy role. This is, again, a bad thing. You need to, therefore, drink more water to enable the kidneys to function at their optimal level and allow the liver to do its job — i.e., burn fat.

So, there you are! Also, there is more to losing weight with water than what meets the mind. For instance, when you try to burn extra fat, during dieting, you need water to do the normal work of processing waste from our bodies. This, again, calls for extra water to process the stored fat and metabolic wastes — which is the outcome of the process.

One more thing. When you cannot resist the temptation of eating sweets, or going on a binge, notwithstanding your appreciation of easy diets to lose weight fast, drink a glass of water quickly. Water helps you fill your stomach; it will circumvent the urge for eating that delicious, fatty food you were lured to.

Now, the optimal outcome. When you make water work for you — you will not only lose weight, but also feel light, energetic, fit and active… sooner than later!

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