Magnet Therapy Products Questions and Answers on Their Use

Magnetic Therapy Questions and Answers – Magnetic Bedding

The use of magnets as therapeutic devices is not a new method for healing various health ailments.

Magnets used for therapy is a practice that has existed for thousands of years
and was has been mentioned in many of the ancient writings from various cultures around the planet.

It has become an alternative treatment method for many medical conditions. In the countries of Japan, along with
China, India, Australia and Germany Magnetic therapy
is actually a well advanced healing practice. And now in the western world there is growing interest along with
countries of Great Britain, and Holland.

Magnetic Bedding, Mattress Pads, and Pillows

You can usea magnetic pad on any area of your body where you would like to address discomfort or to improve
your circulation. It is easy to use by placing the magnetic pad under your pillow at night for a a deep
rejuvenating sleep. You can also use the pad for back pain by placing behind your back. Or for leg pain place under
your legs. Whatever location you need to address can receive therapeutic attention.

A magnetic pad is great for anyone! When you sit in your favorite chair, or drive in your car on long trips the pad is
ideal for improving blood circulation in your legs, bottom, or back.
A magnetic pad is an excellent gift for truck drivers who will appreciate the benefits on their long trips. And
if you have pets, they can benefit too by placing them in their pet bed.

Caution: Persons fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electro-medical
devices should keep magnetic products at least 18″ (45cm)
from the device.

Also another warning, do not place magnetic products in direct contact with computers discs, audio/video tapes
and credit cards due to the erasing effects. Also, pregnant women need to consult with a health care professional
before using magnetic products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Magnet Therapy

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Q. Can you describe magnet therapy?

A. Therapy using medical magnets is done by placing them on and around the painful areas on the body to assist
in reducing pain and swelling to help accelerate the healing process.

Q. How can medical magnets assist with pain relief?

A. By increasing body circulation you can help to stimulate healing to painful areas
of the body because it increases oxygen in the blood the the release of nutrients. They also assist healing by
accelerating the release of toxic waste in the body and stimulates healing to areas which are injured.

Q. I work at my computer a lot, and have heard that magnets have a negative effect on electronics. Can I use magnet
therapy when sitting at my computer?

A. Yes, if you do so with care and be sure not to put a magnet in direct contact with your computer disks. Also
credit cards use a magnetic strip for scanning. Therefore keep magnets away from your wallet or where you store
your credit cards. Video tapes are also effected negatively, so keep away from any type of magnetic tape that you
want to preserve. Also, watches can be effected so don’t wear a regular movement watch next to your magnetic
bracelet. If you have a regular battery watch they are not a problem to wear together.

Q. What about wearing magnets in the water when going swimming or bathing?

A. Water does not have any adverse effects should it come into contact with water, but when you take a shower or
bath it is best to remove your therapy magnets or jewelry. The finish on most magnet body jewelry can be affected
by the contaminants in the water. So bathing or swimming while wearing the is not the best idea, and the magnets
could get displaced or fall off in the water.

Q. Can a magnetic ever lose its strength or power?

A. No, the magnetic power is not lost through time.

Q. Are Cancer patients able to wear magnets or do they make their condition worse?

A. In 1987, the World Health Organization performed a study which showed that cancer patients did not respond adversely,
however it is always recommended that a person with a physical ailment always consult their physician.

Q. Should pregnant women avoid magnets and will they hurt the unborn child?

A. It is known that the use of MRI procedures during a pregnancy are considered safe for the growing unborn baby.
But, we don’t advise using magnets for therapy during pregnancy due to precautions.

Q. Is a pacemaker affected by magnets?

A. Yes! Never use magnets if you have a pacemaker because the magnetic fields will interfere with the mechanism
just like any other metal implant.

Q. When a person has metal instruments placed in their body can magnets be worn?

A. It is not recommended to place a magnet therapy device directly in contact or in close proximity to any type
of metal instrument. This is because different metal alloys will respond to the magnet. But if you wish to wear
a magnetic therapy device in a different area of the body that maybe satisfactory. But be aware of any pain or
discomfort that might arise due to the relationship of the two elements together.

Q. Will magnets adversely effect medical patches? What if a person wears a nicotine or an estrogen patch on their

A. Due to the increased blood flow that magnetic therapy stimulates it is not the best practice to use a magnet
near any transdermal drug patch or by it. You can place magnets on the body in an area which is not by the

Q. Can children safely wear therapeutic magnets?

A. The World Health Organization has determined that there are no hazardous risks and they are recognized as generally
safe for children and adults.

Q. When performing athletic sports, can wearing magnets help performance or pain?

A. Yes they are often effective at reducing pain as long as they are placed comfortably on the body.

Q. Can I use magnets with my pets?

A. Yes, in fact there are many great magnetic products created just for pets large and small, from horses, to cats
and dogs. In fact the Thoroughbred industry has found magnetic therapy products help to effectively treat many
of the horse health conditions.

Magnetic Bedding for Dogs and Other Magnetic Pet Products

Q. When traveling on airplanes, or through the airport will magnets interfere?

A. No, you don’t have to worry about setting of alarms or detectors at the airport. Navigation systems are through
off having in their proximity.

Q. How long should you wear a medical magnet?

A. For as long as you have symptoms of pain. You can remove the magnet once the pain has subsided and place it
back on the body should the pain return. Note that the longer the pain is allowed to increase it will take the
magnet that much longer to begin to assist in relieving the pain.

Q. How long does it take for a person to see results when using magnet therapy?

A. All people respond differently. For one person a painful condition may see improvement immediately, when another
person may need a longer duration of time. Often the extent of the pain determines how long so it is very difficult
to actually give a specific time factor.

Q. Would my insurance company cover the cost for magnetic therapy products?

A. It often depends on your insurance place, but many do when the products are ordered by their doctors or through
a prescription. You can easily check your personal policy regulations and if you are injured at work, Workers Compensation
Carriers will pay for most magnetic product that are prescribed by a doctors with a Letter of Medical Necessity.

Q. Are acute injuries and chronic pain treatable with magnetic therapy?

A. Yes, both acute and chronic pain can be relieved. Arthritis responds favorably just as acute sports injuries.
bedding has been known to be quite helpful when dealing with painful joints that are chronic. This is because the
magnets help to increase the blood circulation in the body which aids in reducing pain and swelling no matter what
type of ailment. However, treatment time may take longer for a painful chronic condition than it will for an acute

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