Discover the Healing Properties of Hemp

Bring up the word “hemp” in mixed company and you’ll likely get equally mixed reactions. Since the hemp plant itself is a variety of Cannabis sativa, many people associate it with the feeling of being high and automatically avoid it, especially if they’re considering using a hemp product on their children.

However, hemp has specifically been cultivated purely for its fibers – not for its ability to get you high. In fact, industrial hemp has been used in healing practices for thousands of years. If you’re thinking about picking up a hemp-based product – like Hempvana pain relief cream – there are a few things to keep in mind about its healing properties that may make you want to invest in even more hemp products!

Hemp Can Help Mitigate Symptoms of PMS

If you struggle with painful or exceptionally uncomfortable periods and prefer to treat the pain and discomfort using natural remedies, hemp products could very well be a gamechanger for you.

Hemp oil is rich in something called GLA, which stands for gamma-linolenic acid. This property has been shown to reduce the impacts of the hormone prolactin on the body, which is known to be a major cause of the negative symptoms of PMS, like bloating, irritability, breast tenderness and mood swings (specifically, depression). With this in mind, products with hemp seed oil can be a helpful addition to your holistic PMS care kit.

It Ensures Healthy Digestion

If you’re prone to stomach problems (or simply want to ensure your digestive system is running as smoothly as possible), you should consider adding hemp-based products to your everyday routine. The reason hemp helps support a healthy digestive system is because whole hemp seeds are chock full of fiber, which is obviously a major key to healthy digestion at any age. Even better – these seeds are full of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber feeds the “good” bacteria in your intestines by serving as a prebiotic, while insoluble fiber adds bulk to your stool and can even help reduce your risk of developing cancer of the bowels.

Together, these seeds can also help prevent constipation, ulcers and hemorrhoids. Next time you’re shopping for ingredients for your morning smoothie bowl or overnight oats, consider picking up a bag of hemp seeds. Plus, they’re a great source of plant-based protein, so they’re a perfect addition to a pre- or post-workout snack or vegan diet.

It Can Help Reduce Dry Skin and Symptoms of Eczema

Have you ever gone to the store and noticed how many hemp-based oils and lotions you find on the shelves of the beauty and personal care aisle? There’s a good reason for this – hemp seeds are a great source of essential fatty acids, which are a huge key to supporting a strong immune system and ensuring healthy skin.

If you struggle with dry skin, eczema or certain other skin conditions, you may benefit from a natural bottle of hemp-based lotion or oil. This will help moisturize your skin and improve itchiness.

Hemp Seeds Can Help Keep Your Heart Healthy

The list of benefits your body can reap from hemp seeds goes on – in addition to their ability to support your digestion, skin, pain regulation and menstrual cycles, hemp seeds can also be a key factor in preventing heart disease.

As previously mentioned, GLA is one of the primary beneficial ingredients found in hemp seed. In addition to reducing negative hormonal impacts, it also helps reduce inflammation, which can be a huge cause of heart disease and other heart-related issues. It does this by lowering the levels of a certain protein in the body that is known to cause heart disease and high blood pressure.

It Helps Reduce Pain

Based on the science discussed so far, you’re probably not surprised to learn that hemp can be an excellent way to combat any kind of pain naturally. Once again, the primary reason comes down to the GLA and its ability to reduce inflammation in the body.

CBD seems to get all the credit as the go-to natural pain remedy, but hemp should not be overlooked. In addition to soothing sore muscles and joints, hemp can even relieve pain associated with arthritis and injuries. If you’re the type of person who prefers to avoid medication as much as possible, adding hemp to your self-care lineup can be an excellent decision.

And don’t forget, seeds aren’t your only option for reaping the far-reaching benefits of hemp. Oils, lotions, topical creams and even milks exist that contain a healthy amount of hemp, making it easier than ever to incorporate it into your daily diet and care routine.

Hemp is a beneficial supplement for all ages and can help soothe a number of physical ailments – however, you may still want to consult a doctor before making it a significant part of your routine.