Dental Pain Relief Through Use of Gentle Touch Massage

Holistic Health Article By Dr. Leia on Dental Pain – Natural
Solutions for Tooth Pain Relief

Question for Dr. Leia: I have been having some sensitivity in my teeth and am scheduled
for oral surgery to remove an impacted wisdom tooth. I know you are not a dentist, but do you know of some
natural treatments for wisdom tooth pain relief? Would acupuncture or acupressure help give tooth pain relief
or offer help after I have oral surgery? Also, while I am asking do you know of any natural herbal pain supplements
that would help because I don’t like taking narcotics or prescription pain medicines? Thanks for your expertise
and thoughtful answers. Best, Stanley

Dr. Leia’s Answer: Dear Stanley, thank you for asking this question.

Whole cloves and pure food grade clove oil has been recommended by herbalists for centuries to relieve tooth
pain. It is an old tried-and-true folk remedy which really works. However, be forewarned that the pain relief
is only temporary, and you should definitely keep your appointment with your oral surgeon. You might want
to take a whole clove or two and place it directly on the tooth and between the gum, or near the area which
is causing you pain. Be sure to chew on it slightly to bruise the clove, and then let it do its magic. The
taste is strong, but can be tolerated if you are not sensitive or allergic to cloves.

Another suggestion would be to use aloe vera gel on the tooth, but I am not certain if this alone would be
strong enough. You might want to experiment with aloe vera gel mixed with cloves or clove oil and see which
combination will work best for you. The aloe vera gel might also dilute the strength of the clove oil if
it is too strong for you to tolerate.

Acupuncture can temporarily relieve your pain while you are awaiting your dental appointment, and acupressure
may also help temporarily. One powerful acupressure point includes LI4, which is located in the web space
between the thumb and index finger at the highest part of the muscle when the thumb and index finger are
brought close together. This point can be pressed gently but firmly and held continuously as needed. I recommend
the book, “Acupressure
Potent Points, A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments” by Michale Reed Gach, if you have a keen
interest in learning more about self-help acupressure. Acupressure can also help relieve other forms of bodily
pain, and this book show you how to do it yourself.

Thought field therapies such as EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique,
are also very effective in relieving different types of unwanted bodily aches and pains. EFT is an innovative
form of acupressure combined with deep breathing, and affirmations, which work synergistically to alleviate
unwanted conditions, both physical and emotional or mental.

Homeopathic remedies may also be effective in relieving your tooth pain until you visit your dentist. Commonly
used homeopathics for you could include Calc. phos, or Arnica, two homeopathics which may assist in your
toothache control. Since homeopathic remedies are individualized for each specific case, it is best to refer
to a complete homeopathic textbook, or to visit a homeopathic doctor who will analyze your case. Homeopathic
remedies are safe and do not have any side effects, so if the incorrect remedy is chosen, there will be no

There are many Chinese herbal formulas for pain relief, which can be obtained from your local acupuncturist
or Chinatown herbal apothecary. Often times, the herbalist-acupuncturist will combine a unique formula based
upon your pain symptoms, after taking a pulse diagnosis. This formula will be individualized especially for
you. White willow bark is also a natural herb which is available at your health food store. Aspirin was originally
developed based upon white willow bark’s pain relieving ingredients and properties. However, if you opt to
use the natural willow bark, beware that it can also have the same overdose side-effects as aspirin. Just
because it is natural, does not mean that it is exempt from toxic side effects.

Other, non-herbal supplements which alleviate inflammation include: fish oil capsules, bromelain-quercitin
complex, and pycnogenol. These natural supplements have moderate to strong anti-inflammatory effects without
the side effects of chemical anti-pain medications.

If you want to go the route of over-the counter drugstore remedies, Orajel, which contains benzocaine anesthetic,
is effective at temporarily relieving the pain of toothaches.

I hope that this helps you in your search for dental and tooth pain relief.

By Dr. Leia Melead


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