What to Know About Dental Health to be Dentally Self-Sufficient

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How to Become Dentally Self-Sufficient

Knowledge is the key to health. Knowing what to do, how to do it, and why to do it can help you and your family
live sensibly.

You can enjoy not just freedom from dental disease, but freedom from the expense and futility of dentistry

If you haven’t encountered the term “frame of reference” by now — or if you have, but don’t fully understand
it — you should be aware of its importance to your use of the information in this book. A frame of reference is
the way you view any given subject, based on preconceived ideas on all of the concepts and misconceptions you’ve
acquired relative to the subject at hand.

The typical frame of reference to oral health is woefully incorrect; but it is nearly impossible to understand and
to use correct information unless the old frame of reference is changed. Whenever you encounter that phrase in this
book, think of it as a reminder that the information you are reading at that point is something that is contrary
to “popular belief,” and that you should perhaps slow down at that point and give it extra attention.

Why are you about to read this book? Isn’t it because you’re convinced you haven’t been getting the whole truth
from the dental profession? You’re quite sure that if you only knew how, you could take excellent care of your health,
and your family’s health, without encountering the backbreaking (and rising) medical and dental costs of our time.

You’re not alone. In fact, pollster Louis Harris wanted to find out how many people think like you do, and so the
famous Harris Poll went out and dug up an interesting fact: More than nine out of ten Americans share your growing
belief that simply living sensibly will do more good than any doctor or medicine

That same poll showed that perhaps seventy percent of the public believes doctors could be good sources of help
— information — on how to stay healthy, but only forty-seven percent believe doctors will give them the advice
they need.

Nine out of ten suspect that something’s not quite right with what they’re told. Seven out of ten think professionals
could help them. Less than half believe the professionals will help them.

No, you’re not alone; and that perhaps accounts for the mushrooming acceptance of Oramedics: Americans, now more
than ever before, are ready to recognize and to use commonsense approaches to health care. We think that’s why you
are about to read this book. We know that’s why it was written.

  • Why become dentally self-sufficient?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • What must I do to become dentally self-sufficient?
  • Physiology – the anatomy of the mouth
  • A summary of odontosis
  • Materials & equipment
  • Oral self-help medicine
  • Your personal oral health maintenance program
  • Special-purpose hygiene methods
  • Home prophylaxis: an oral health “insurance policy”
  • Saving orthodontic dollars
  • Oral first-aid measures
  • What you should know and do about dental pain
  • Diet, nutrition and oral health
  • X-Rays Vs. Saliva Tests: Which is best?

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