Is there a solution to phobias?

There is a wealth of information out there about phobias and what to do about them. You can review a list of all phobias and chances are you will find that one or two of them may apply to you. If you are a women chances are you have Arachnophobia, fear of spiders. Don’t feel bad, as over 50% of all women, and around 10% of men fear spiders. In fact Arahnophobia is on the top of the 10 most common phobias.spider

There are many different therapies that you can work with to dispell your fears and phobias because they are often one of the easiest things to correct in our psyche. Therapies like NLP and EFT have produced good results.It is interesting to review different perspectives on the topic. As the Surgeon General of the United States has their view on traditional psychotherapy and phobia treatments. And doctors have their view, often prescribing drugs for specific phobias knowing that there’s no evidence that they alleviate the phobia.But what about some of the alternative methods like, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Is there any evidence it works? Then there’s Virtual Reality Therapy – Is it practical? And what about Hypnotherapy? Can hypnosis be effective for phobia treatments? What about hashing over all the reasons why the phobia exists, such as you might in traditional psychotherapy?

When seeking a correct course of treatment it is often a personal preference, but it is important to also utilise a treatment plan that is effective so you don’t waste your time and money. We have found NLP, and EFT to be highly effective. Antoher effective method is hypnosis because like EFT and NLP it works to redirect the misguided response.

You don’t have to know all the definitions of phobias and the types of phobias to understand that they effect your nervous system, activate your mind, and bring discomfort to your life. What is refreshing, is you can do something about it so that you can live phobia free.

More Resources to Help with Phobias

There are many different phobias that affect people, however a greater majority of people are affected by one of the 10 most common phobias.

Different Types of Phobias:

  • Stage Fright Fears
  • Performance Anxieties
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Fear of Flying
  • Emetophobia

All these and many others are all history after a few hours in the Phobia Clinic’s 24-hour VIP program. The clinic works with all fears and phobias.

Herbal Remedies Can Help Your Cope

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