Benefits of Controlling Stress Using Biofeedback Software by Wild Divine

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For over a decade, Wild Divine has provided people with an innovative and transformative outlet to control the daily stress that often accompanies modern-day living.

Using biofeedback technology, Wild Divine is a company specializing in relaxation training products designed to teach users to use their inherent abilities to deal with stress using visuals, sounds, and meditation and breathing techniques.

These unique multi-media programs engage body-mind relaxation and result quickly and effectively in balanced living through inner enlightenment and body awareness.

Stress & Biofeedback

Stress has physiological impacts of which an individual often doesn’t recognize. A person’s body undergoes extreme changes when stress—be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual—is present. The World Health Organization has recognized stress as the number one contributor to disease and death around the globe, thus making its management essential, especially in today’s often-hectic time.

Wild Divine: Healing Rhythms for Stress Management

Biofeedback is a process by which one can study the changes in physiological states when dealing with stress and encompassing a wide range of relaxation techniques. The biofeedback process measures:

  • brainwaves
  • heart functions
  • breathing
  • muscle activity
  • skin temperature

Wild Divine uses the technology of biofeedback to give people the chance to improve their mental and physical health. By allowing users of the company’s interactive computer software immediate access to their biofeedback reports, changes can be made in their thoughts, emotions, and actions. This is an effective approach to stress management and leads to improved wellbeing and balanced living.

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The Wild Divine Journey

Watch a Sample of Wisdom Quest

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Establish Relaxation Using Interactive Computer Programs

The Wild Divine Super Bundle Pack is an enjoyable and effective approach to developing inner strength and peace, which will result in healthier relationships with others and an overall greater quality of life. Using your computer (PC or Mac), the Wild Divine products help users employ their own unique healing rhythms to establish balanced living.

This pack includes:

  • Relaxing Rhythms features guided training designed to invoke enhanced states of relaxation through breathing techniques and meditative exercises. Using biofeedback technology (the Wild Divine IOM Feedback Hardware and finger sensors) and a 15 step training program, Relaxing Rhythms features health and wellness experts, such as Deepak Chopra, and gives users real-time feedback on mind-body techniques. With relaxing music and visuals designed to soothe the body’s signals and bring users back to a state of natural synchronicity, these biofeedback exercises allow for the opportunity of active wellbeing and balanced living.
  • The Passage: Journey to Wild Divine is an interactive game in which users discover beautiful scenes of mountains, waterfalls, and gardens. Using breathing and mediation exercises, players have direct influence over what happens within their body and mind.
  • The Journey to Wild Divine: Wisdom Quest featuring Deepak Chopra, M.D. is the expansion pack for The Passage: Journey to Wild Divine. As users build upon the skills learned in The Passage, they will also engage in advanced breathing and meditation practices led by Deepak Chopra combined with beautiful imagery and music. In the Guided Activity Mode, users can choose between 20 interactive wellness activities, and in the Game Quest Mode they engage in a peaceful search for seven precious stones. Also included in this package are meditative strategies for reducing stress.
  • The Journey to Wild Divine Grapher Expansion Pack is a useful add-on as it allows users to play The Journey then review their game play data graphically.
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Benefits of Relaxation Techniques

Woman Relaxed infront of ComputerThere are several benefits to employing mind-body relaxation techniques:

  • the heart rate is lowered, as is blood pressure and cortisol levels
  • cases of insomnia can be improved, leading to better quality of sleep
  • the immune system is strengthened, protecting the body from potential illnesses or diseases
  • pain is managed more effectively
  • one’s general sense of well-being is improved
  • improvements are made with mental clarity, focus, and attention
  • the emotions are better regulated

Using the Wild Divine biofeedback products has shown that both the mind and body experience an almost instantaneous improvement in their ability to manage stress and its effects.

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