Music for Sleep Therapeutic Audio Program

Audio Program Music for Sleep

Quality sleep is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. Consistent low quality sleep has been shown to increase the likeliness of accidents, slow down cognitive processes, aggravate physical health conditions, and lead to premature aging.

Studies have also linked a prolonged lack of restful sleep to depression, weight gain, and cardiovascular disease.

Music for Sleep (Sounds True) features four soundscapes with delta sleep pulse to enhance the period of deep sleep people experience when listening as they fall asleep, helping to improve their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Sleep Soundscapes to Enhance Your Rest

Audio Program Music for SleepAvailable as a four CD set or audio download, Music for Sleep is played at night as listeners fall asleep. This therapeutic audio program was designed following two decades of clinical sleep research. It’s a natural approach to addressing sleep problems, and can be used by anyone experiencing rest disruptions.

There are four soothing segments of the Music for Sleep program:

  1. Classical Music for Sleep features compositions by Holst, Barber, Chopin, and other classical musicians. The audio is specially sequenced to promote relaxation.
  2. Natural Music for Sleep is a gentle combination of natural sounds and soft compositions.
  3. Ambient Music for Sleep is a soundscape designed to induce calmness in listeners’ minds using ethereal rhythms.
  4. Peaceful Music for Sleep features tranquil sounds to leave listeners feeling rejuvenated upon wakening.

These audio segments can be played alternatively in order to enhance the benefits of the program.

To hear samples, please click > Music for Sleep audio samples

Benefits of Delta State

Music for Sleep features delta sleep pulse throughout its segments. The delta brain wave is the wave with most relaxation. Delta sleep is what is referred to as deep sleep, or the period of rest people need in order to feel sully refreshed, rested, and alert for the morning. A lack of deep or delta sleep can wear down a person’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Woman SleepingDelta sleep encourages the release of anti-aging hormones, such as melatonin, and decreases hormones associated with stress and aging, like cortisol. The pituitary gland—responsible for the releases of the human growth hormone (HGH)— is also stimulated by delta brainwaves. A person’s delta brainwaves also stimulate the release of chemicals needed by the body to restore or rejuvenate the muscles and improve brain power. Because delta brainwaves are associated with healing the body and mind, the health of a person’s immune system is improved when engaging in quality delta rest.

Deep sleep has also been shown to improve a person’s level of empathy and compassion for others. There is an increase in people’s level of intuition, connection to spiritual self, and meditative states when the relaxation brought on by delta sleep occurs.

Created by Sleep Therapists

Music for Sleep was created by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and Dr. Joseph Nagler. Dr. Thompson is a clinical sleep therapist who studies sound frequencies and states of consciousness as a means to mind-body wellness. Dr. Nagler is a music therapist who teaches students how to use sound as a rehabilitative medicine.