Champix Varenicline: Proven Way to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Only those who did not light a cigarette in life can think that it’s easy to quit smoking. Since nicotine has proven to be highly dependent, it is important to note that it is not so easy to stop smoking as it was considered. Have you ever wondered what is happening in the body of smokers during the rehab process?

From personal experience, I can tell you that it is not pleasant at all and that there is a certain period when every moment without cigarettes is real torture. Those who claim that the most important thing is to have a strong will and character are right, but there are also specific medicines that can ease the process of rehab.

What causes addiction?

In short, nicotine increases the level of dopamine that affects the brain pathways which control the level of energy and satisfaction. Nicotine contained in cigarettes immediately acts on the so-called nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, thereby, affecting the part of the adrenal gland to produce more epinephrine.

This is why smokers feel blissful while the cigarette burns – hormones (epinephrine and dopamine) that cause this feeling are released into the bloodstream, and pass through our body very fast, relaxing our muscles and making us enjoy every smoke.This happens very quickly after a person lights a cigarette, this is one of the reasons why nicotine creates addiction. It’s hard for the body to give up the “pleasure” that works fast and lasts for a while.

However, the dopamine that the body produces under the influence of nicotine, in this form, is not sufficient to cause addiction. Besides nicotine, tobacco also contains several substances known as monoamine oxides’ inhibitors (MAOIs), which are responsible for decomposition and release of neurotransmitters making us feel so good. All of this raises the effect that cigarettes have on our organism.

When you forbid yourself this pleasure, your organism begins to reduce the production of hormones that cause happy feelings. At that moment, a specific type of abstinent crisis can occur, so you should be very careful if you think of quit smoking. Never, but never, you should not stop smoking at once. I learned it the hardest way.

How I tried to quit smoking

I do not even remember when I started actively smoking. Probably during studies, that were very stressful for me. In alcohol, I did not enjoy, the drugs were expensive, so cigarettes seemed like the most acceptable antistress therapy. I tried many sorts of cigarettes until I found several of them whose strength and nicotine percentage suited me. So, I became their faithful consumer for more than a decade.

At first, I wasn’t a passionate smoker. It often happened to not smoke for days. These were years of careless life at college. After I got hired, my need for nicotine exploded. One box per day was a joke, I could not imagine a day without two packs. I got into a vicious circle of coffee, energy boozes, bags of chips and cigarettes.

It probably was (and will be) the consequences of my long-standing experience as a smoker, but honestly, I can say that this was not the reason why I quit smoking. Call me a sissy, but it happened because of my girlfriend, who happens to be my wife now.She once told me that I smell bad. I did not say anything to her, but I promised myself that I would end up with cigarettes; the “battle” against myself could begin.

Onthe first attempt, I spent four days without a cigarette. I smoked for a few days and decided to start over, I was dedicated to get rid of this vice.

I discovered Champix by chance

Somehow at that time, because of the nature of the work I dealt with, I heard about Champix. This was a drug that Meds4sure:Stop Smoking Champix Varenicline 1mg Dose Tablets started to produce about a decade ago. It is then announced as revolutionary, indeed, research has shown a significant improvement in relation to existing smoking cessation therapies and drugs.

But I decided to go on my own. On the second attempt, I resist longer. I didn’t smoke for a week, and I guess I would be longer if I didn’t get drunk. I already said that I do not like alcohol, so you can assume how it affected me.

Third-time lucky, they say. Now I was determined to quit smoking forever. I believed that my character was strong enough to sustain it. The first few days, everything was great. Torments started after a week.

Since I’ve been smoking for almost ten years, I had to assume that my body won’t deny nicotine that easy. Physical symptoms like a cough were susceptible, but my psyche was in chaos. Mood swings were drastic; I became the world’s most nervous person in the world, and in every second, I could just explode.

Professional help was crucial

My wife was the voice of reason, telling me to ask for professional help. My therapy was to Buy Champix, one pill of 1mg per day. The doctor explained to me how this medicine works:Varenicline that is the active ingredient of this drug is not an ordinary substitute for nicotine, but it works in two ways: it binds to receptors, and at the same time, acts like nicotine, reducing the need for cigarettes.

The advice was that, along with Champix, I continue smoking as usual. No, the feeling just wasn’t the same. Their taste was different, and I felt some strange feeling of nausea. When I noticed that I stub out after two smokes, I decided not to buy them anymore.

I continued with the therapy for the next four months, and then I decided to tempt myself. Once in a while, I thought about how good it would be to light one now, but I passed. Since then, nearly four years have passed, and I can say that I’m definitely cured.