The Cannabis Health Industry is Exploding: A Checklist Before Purchasing any Products

The world of cannabis seems to be growing at tremendous rates with states reconsidering the legal state of the plant. The government has acknowledged that cannabis has medicinal properties that should be researched. Browsing the array of cannabis products on the market can be overwhelming for a person that has experience with marijuana. There are so many products that you can eat, vape, apply, or even drop under your tongue. The best tactic to utilize is to go to a quality dispensary as knowledgeable staff can help you navigate the vast world of cannabis-based products. The following are things you need to consider when purchasing cannabis products. 

What Are You Looking For?

All cannabis products can be purchased to contain THC or CBD. There are some products that contain both but for those not looking for a high, CBD-only products are the answer. Below are products along with pros/cons of each type of consumption method:

Flower is the classic way to consume cannabis. This can be smoked in a joint, bong, pipe, or any number of other devices. Smell is a huge issue with this form of consumption especially if the cannabis being smoked is of a high-THC strain. 

Concentrates are great to smoke for the seasoned consumer. These can be dabbed or vaped depending on what you prefer. The drawback with concentrates is they can be too much for people not used to cannabis. In fact, concentrates can be too much for people that have smoked for years. 

Edibles are a good way to consume if you simply do not want to smoke. Be careful with edibles as it will take up to a few hours to feel the impacts of what you eat. Do not fall into the classic trap of eating more then being too high to function for an extended period. 


The most basic factor that a majority of people base their purchases on is that of the price. Finding a great product for far cheaper than a comparable product is always a rush. The cannabis world has a number of new brands that can allow you to find a product for a cheap price. The price could be to build a brand that is based on providing affordable products without quality being an issue. Extracts are a great example of products that vary in price as a gram of shatter costs far more than pressed resin. The extraction process of shatter is more involved which leads to a cleaner taste which a number of smokers prefer. 

Buying Products From Local Companies 

The cannabis industry is vast across states like that of California. There are companies that are supported by huge corporations while others are made up of local workers. Supporting these local cannabis companies will make sure the tax money is staying local instead of going to larger cities. Reaching out to these local companies can result in receiving free products or promotional items like t-shirts.

Considering Producing Your Own Cannabis?

The ugly truth is that a number of products that are sold can be counterfeit. Other growers might try to sell product that is moldy which can lead to health complications when smoked. Growing your own cannabis is not an option in all states even if it is recreationally and medicinally legal. The one aspect of growing cannabis that should be kept in mind is that regardless of state, growing cannabis is federally illegal. Growing small amounts of cannabis for personal consumption is not as difficult as you might think. You aren’t going to get medical-grade cannabis during your first few grows but improving can provide personal satisfaction. Growing quality cannabis is going to depend on the following factors:

  • Hydroponic nutrients by Kalix CPN are a great example of what should be used to supplement the soil of your cannabis. There is a demand for different nutrients during different phases of the growth cycle. Be careful as too many nutrients can be just as bad as too few nutrients being added. 
  • Lights and soil are the basics that need to be taken care of. Outdoor grows will need to have decent exposure while indoor grows require lights. LED lights are great options as they can come in different spectrums that help assist growth. LED lights do the job while not emitting too much heat/using too much electricity. 
  • Air movement within a growing tent is essential as a tent can easily creep up in temperature. You want cannabis to be growing at a reasonable temperature instead of withering in extremely high temperatures. 
  • Seed genetics could play the most important role in the quality of cannabis that you grow. If you have the skill of an above-average grower, then the right seeds can allow you to grow your best crop yet. 

Familiarize yourself with all of the new products offered on the cannabis market. You might be surprised and find something you love!