Puranas: Superhumans you may never hear of

The modernization of humankind has for decades made us weaker, and more materialistic in our approach to finding ultimate happiness. We long for social interaction, but our social groups are immoral, and we abandon virtue to find ourselves in an unjust and criminal society.

For generations, there has been a belief, thinking, a way of life that has meant the sustainable stabilization of those who follow and practice it wholeheartedly. As humans, and their social progress into an immoral depiction of their own demise – popular Vedic Science, has shown to be more effective than modern science and yoga practices. The transcendence from earthly being to that of spiritual life has given new hope and inner peace in the wake of human destruction.

What are the fundamentals of Vedic Science?

In short, we can understand Vedic Science as the study and practice of reality through the vision of different sages. Vedas, which originated from India, is a text that reveals different sages from different fields. These can range anything from religion, spirituality, and a detailed study on natural laws and consciousness.

Vedic Science is open to any being who wants to fully commit and access the knowledge that can be found in the Vedic scriptures. An important aspect or milestone of Vedic Science is the act of self-realization through the art and practice of meditation.

How the Purāṇas access higher-dimensional space

Years of research and archaeological events have managed to give us some access to evidence that proof Purāṇic events – but although there may never be enough evidence to human disposal, it’s because these events have occurred primarily on the higher-dimensional Purāṇic realm of Bhū-maṇḍala. These events have not yet been met by many, as many of us only encounter a common Earthly experience.

To access higher-dimensional space, those who practice Purāṇas have to undergo a variety of complex and spiritual disciplines. Once you have completed these disciplines; you will experience and find your sensory capabilities expanding – this will enable you to have direct access to higher-dimensional space.

The basic understanding we should take from this is that the Purāṇas have for generations accesses higher-dimensional space that expands common human science and modern humanity. More so, Purāṇas celebrate and promote the expansion of human senses and the development of our basic sensory awareness.

Based on what we now know and understand, the Purāṇas can have two logical alternatives:

  1.       The description and practice of the Purāṇic is mythological
  2.       The Purāṇas have given those who practice and commit a description of what is beyond our sense perception – this can be seen as a way for human beings to access the Purāṇic description of higher dimensional understanding.

Purāṇic dates and calendar events

With one’s expansion on the understanding of how the Purāṇas work, it should be considered that there are multiple events and historic moments that have been recorded throughout the progress of the Purāṇic calendar. Only a mere 0.3% of major modern scientific events and happenings in our history and universe can be found in the Purāṇas.

This has given Purāṇic study and practices more traction, as the dates found in the Purāṇas so closely match that of modern science – justifying how the Purāṇic descriptions can be entirely relegated to the realm of fantasy and rather that of reality.

The final piece of information to consider is the Yuga – a cycle of a system of measuring universal time according to the Vedic system. It can also be known as a cosmic age following the Yuga cycle and calendar events.