Breastfeeding Questions Addressing Benefits to Baby and Common Problems

Importance of Breastfeeding Your Baby and StretchMark Assistance

Common breastfeeding questions include why should you breastfeed your baby?

It is absolutely true that breast feeding is the best thing to do for your newborn baby. Beast milk contains
the nutrition a baby needs in the correct amounts of fat, water, sugar, and protein to assist your baby in
their development and growth.

There are antibodies in a mother’s milk that act as agents to help protect a newborn infant from bacteria
and viruses. When a baby comes in contact with them the agents will help them fight off disease and infection
with greater ease. Also a mother’s milk that comes straight from the breast is sterile and not contaminated
by anything foreign. Another important breast feeding question posed to new mothers addresses the ability
of babies to digest milk. Often formulas are much harder to digest and cause problems.

Also breastfeeding is a great help to a mother by saving time and money. No need to shop for formulas, mix
them properly, and heat them to the correct temperature. There are also no bottles that need washing, and
during the middle of the night when the infant is hungry no need to get up mix the formula, heat it, and
listen to the child cry until the baby’s needs are met. Breastfeeding provides a wonderful way for the mother
and baby to bond, too.

A baby needs to feel secure and the physical contact that occurs during this time helps them feel comforted
and loved. Also, for a mother who wishes to regain back her pre pregnancy weight, the calories burned during
nursing helps achieve this goal making weight loss after pregnancy much easier.

A few other breast feeding facts cover health after birthing a baby. The uterus will respond better when a
women nurses by regaining its s original size more quickly and the time period is shortened for any bleeding
the new mother may incur after giving birth. Also, another very important factor is that nursing the infant
will help to lower a women’s risk of breast and ovarian cancers.

The U.S. Surgeon General also gives the recommendation that all babies should be fed breast milk only. They
do not feel formula is a good thing to give an infant for the first six months of their life.

When it comes to breastfeeding time tables, it is much better to breastfeed for six full months and for Mother’s
who are able to continue to breastfeed for at least twelve months, or as long of a period of time and both
the mother and the baby wish.

Another common question is when an infant should begin eating solid foods. Once a baby reaches six months
they can be introduced and the mother can also continue to breastfeed.

Some common problems can include breastfeeding difficulties with the production of milk, along with breasts
that become irritated. There are solutions that a doctor can prescribe to help with the production of milk,
and also creams and heat pads to relieve breast discomfort.

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Learn About Stretchmark Reduction

There are several causes for stretchmarks to appear. During pregnancy excessive stretching of the skin causes
a condition which is medically known as “Striae
Gravidarum.” Other causes are rapid gain of weight or loss of weight. They can also appear during puberty.
Nearly 50 percent of all women who experience pregnancy and growing teenagers get stretchmarks.

Not only do stretchmarks appear on the abdomen during the second half of pregancy, but they also are common
on the hips, breasts, and also the buttocks. Luckily there is a natural solution.

Essential Oil Blend for Reducing Stretch Marks Naturally

Holistic Health Tip: The use of Chinese herbs for pregnancy is a complex decision. Highly successful in many
cases, but not something to undertake on your own, therefore advice from a holistic practitioner is advised
on this topic.