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Nature’s Way Knows The Facts About Vitamins – America’s Leader in High Quality Natural Healthcare Supplements Meets
Our Quest for Excellence

Nature’s Way is a leader in natural healthcare. They bring to the public high quality natural medicines in all
types of vitamins, minerals and health supplements that meet all your daily requirements and needs.

You can recognize
their products by the green Nature’s Way leaf. When you supplement with their formulations you can be assured their
products are high quality and exceed rigorous tests and standards, which is not a standard of all natural products.
This is why Nature’s Way is a trusted resource for your quest for nutrition.

The company’s operation is a large pharmaceutical licensed manufacturing facility of over 250,000
square-feet where they create their high quality natural supplements. The company is also known for supporting
programs that care for the environment, they use recycled
packaging materials, and also sponsor alternative healthcare education.

They have a very worthy mission statement, too:

Mission Statement – To benefit the quality of human health and promote positive health care choices by developing, manufacturing, and marketing preventative, curative and nutritive health care products of natural origin.

Learn About Nature’s Way Eco-friendly Measures to Protect our Planet

Nature’s way not only cares about the use of GMO free and organic raw materials that are pesticide and herbicide
free, but they also care about sustainability, and the health of our planet.

They purchase from trusted vendors who they have established relationships with who keep them informed on how the
raw materials they sell are derived. They also spot-check their vendors to ensure all information is factual
and valid. They are very careful when working with raw materials which are derived from ecologically sensitive
species whether that be animal or plant.

Shark is an example, for they are a source of chondroitin. But before they ever buy raw materials they investigate
the resource thoroughly to ensure they are not purchasing sharks that were harvested inhumanely or derived from
an endangered species.

Their supplier of choice documented how the sharks were harvested ethically and humanly for food, and all the shark
was used. The chondroitin they use is indeed the by-product derived from ethically harvested sharks. These are
very high standards and are an example of the purity and consciousness behind their entire line of products.

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