Herbal Internal Body Cleansing Kit from Master Herbalist

Holistic Health Solutions for Internal Body Cleansing and Detox

The Internal Cleansing Kit and Colon Cleanse Kit from Blessed Herbs represents many years of dedicated study
by a Master Herbalist.

The following detox information is a guide for you to learn how to use detox herbs for a safe, effective cleanse
of five of your body systems, and to do so naturally.

The Internal Cleansing Kit is a 21-day whole body cleanse, formulated to cleanse the five natural systems
of elimination, reduce parasites, and add back pro-biotics. We’re pleased to offer the Internal Cleansing
Kit from Blessed Herbs.

Internal Cleansing Kit: Cleanses the Five Natural Systems of the Body

Recommended by Neva Howell:

“I’ve been an herbalist for many years and have taken many a cleanse in my time. These
internal cleansing kits by Blessed Herbs are the best I’ve ever seen. They are put together in such a way
as to maximize cleansing while minimizing the healing crisis effect of detoxing. I wholeheartedly recommend
these products and this company.”

About the creator of the Internal Cleansing Kit:

Martha Volchok, is an intuitive genius. She has been a Master Herbalist for over 30 years and has an incredible,
innate sensitivity that permeates all she does. Her life’s work has culminated in the development of the Internal Cleansing Kit. I hope that by using this Kit, you, too, can be touched by the love of someone truly special.

Internal Cleansing Kit

“Desire for Health is our philosophy of love and life. We believe Michael & Martha Volchokhealth
is a state of pure inner harmony and for this everyone shares an innate desire…”

Welcome to our lives.
Michael & Martha Volchok,
Blessed Herbs Co-Founders

Seven Organ Cleansing Formulas:

With seven formulas included in the Internal Cleansing Kit you will systematically cleanse your body’s natural organs which help to eliminate toxins from your body. The formulas are taken over a period of twenty-one days in a four-step program.

The following is included in the program:

  • Step 1: Colon and Digestive System Cleanse
  • Step 2: Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse Effective for Parasite Elimination
  • Step 3: Lungs and Kidney Cleanse Includes Bladder
  • Step 4: Blood, Lymph, and Skin Cleanse

Three Parasite Elimination Formulas:

The Internal Body Cleansing Kit includes three special formulas to effectively facilitate the elimination of parasites. As you get rid of parasites you’ll notice improvement in the function of your body’s natural defenses. This includes your body’s ability to absorb nutrition from the food you eat and also decrease
the amount of toxicity stored throughout your body. Your energy will lift and you will feel much more vital energy.

One Pro-Biotics Formula:

The Internal Body Cleansing Kit also includes a formula which assists in recolonizing your intestinal system with pro-biotics also known as friendly bacteria. Your body has beneficial bacteria which it does not attempt to destroy because it helps you stay healthy by keeping bacteria that is not so beneficial from taking hold in your intestinal system. These friendly bacteria actually secrete antibiotic/antiviral chemicals that are active in inhibiting the growth of
the unwanted bacteria.

Two Anti-Oxidant Formulas:

Throughout the entire cleanse you take a Toxin Neutrailizer which is an anti-oxidant formula, This powerful
formula prevents and neutralizes the build up on toxins and keeps them from binding to, or damaging, healthy cells. Refreshing Green Tea Blend is the second
formula which you take any time during the cleanse to provide relief at any point you feel the need.

The Kit You Will Receive Contains:

  • Blood and Skin Rejuvenator (2 oz)
  • Digestive Stimulator (90 vegetarian caps)
  • Friendly Bacteria (49 vegetarian caps)
  • Kidney/Bladder Rejuvenator (2 oz)
  • Large Parasite Eliminator 1 (52 caps)
  • Large Parasite Eliminator 2 (2 oz)
  • Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator (90 caps)
  • Lymph Rejuvenator (2 oz)
  • Refreshing Green Tea (12 tea bags)
  • Small Parasite Eliminator (2 oz)
  • Toxin Absorber (14 packets)
  • Toxin Neutralizer (75 caps)
  • Mixing Glass (for easy mixing of liquids
  • Shaker (to mix Toxin Absorber)
  • Travel Vials (to take doses on the go)
  • User’s Guide (detailed information)
  • Dosage Calendar (exact daily dosages)

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More Resources to Help You:

Colon Cleanse Only:

If you want to start light and work your way up to the total cleanse program (I recommend it if you feel you
are majorly toxic or have never done a comprehensive full system cleanse before), then please consider doing
the Colon Cleanse first.

Adding Organic Superfood to your Cleanse:

Blessed Herbs also makes one of the finest Organic Superfood which is excellent to combine with the Colon Cleanse or the Internal Cleanse. This powerful superfood is a combination of organic ingredients which are all certified and include berries and herbs along with greens, sprouts, and algae, and mushrooms,. Daily your body will receive superior nutrition which supports the body by helping it cope with living in today’s world filled with toxins and stressful environments.

This is one of the best Holistic health products and Blessed Herbs Organic Superfood offers an excellent way to keep your body from absorbing toxins through natural support by feeding it this nutritious food which is one of the best naturally balancing
foods available.

Quick look at The Organic Superfood:

  • Rich concentrated nutrition
  • 100% Certified Organic (Only Organic Superfood available)
  • High quality blend of powerful ingredients which you supplement once daily
  • Protects the body from free radicals while supporting your body’s systems.

General overview of The Organic Superfood:

You body will receive all twenty-two amino acids from the algae and greens providing a rich nutritional foundation. You also receive essential
amino acids which are very important because the body is not able to produce them on its own. Your body will also receive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and proteins
in concentrated form.

The sprouts offer higher nutritional content then mature vegetables in concentrated form. And the mushrooms have properties which stimulate the immune system while supporting all major body systems. Western herbs are added to supply additional body system support.

We can’t forget the fruit and berries. They are a rich source of Vitamin C. This helps strengthen the body’s ability for detoxification and
the antioxidants and phytonutrients found in the berries and fruits also protect your body from the damage caused by free radicals.

Learn More The Organic Superfood.

Holistic Health Minute – Common Detox Herbs: Certain herbs have long been utilized
for their specific detox properties. For example, one of the best natural detox herbs for the liver is milk
thistle. Dandelion is another well-known and often-used detox herb. Like milk thistle, dandelion helps detox
the liver too but, additionally, it assists with kidney, bladder, spleen and stomach detox.

One of my personal favorites, and a specific for blood purification, is burdock root. Burdock root is one
of the four ingredients of the famous Essiac Tea formula and
I just like the gentle but thorough job it does.

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