Book Review of The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

By Mike Kay

Gary Zukav takes a sideways look at the way we pursue power in “The Seat of the Soul”. His belief that we are immortal souls first and physical beings second drives this book from beginning to end. He contends that we cannot transcend our physical state until we come to terms with the limitations of power attained through our five senses.

In his previous bestseller “The Dancing Wu Li Masters”, he demonstrated his gift of presenting highly complex ideas in a very readable fashion. In “The Seat of the Soul” he uses the same calm, lucid presentation and takes us on a journey of discovery. He maintains that we are embarking on a new phase of human evolution

He sees that this transition will turn us into more compassionate, caring and understanding beings. You’ll find references to the distinction between human and animal souls, karma, reincarnation and the connectivity of a myriad of mystical concepts. Zukav brings so many concepts together between the covers of his book that it can take some unraveling but his concepts are interesting if not challenging.

Gary Zukav certainly hits a nerve. His thinking is sometimes very opinionated but if you receive it as food for thought, you won’t go far wrong. He takes the universal force and our inter-connectivity to a new level and uses his conclusions to project a view of our purpose. Many of us are searching for the meaning of life and this book is not a bad place to start. Gary Zukav might not provide us with all of the proof behind his thinking but “The Seat of the Soul” is a useful signpost.