Natural Asthma Treatment Deals With Breathing Disorders Holistically

Known Allergy Irritants and Holistic Solutions for Asthma Signs
and Symptoms

Allergic reactions found in the chest are called asthma.

When allergic reactions happen on the skin
they are termed hives or angioedema.

As a respiratory disease, Asthma can obstruct the air passages. During an attack of asthma the smaller
lung airways suffer spasms that constrict the outward flow of air.

When a person develops inflammation in the bronchi, the term for this infliction is Bronchitis and symptoms
develop into a build up of mucus, increased coughing, pain in the chest and back. A sore throat and fever
along with breathing difficulty often accompany the other Bronchitis symptoms.

When a person develops Emphysema they cannot exhale without extending great effort and it takes great exertion
to actually breath which causes shortness of breath.

Allergy Report Offers Relief

This report includes allergy information for awareness and relief and learn about natural treatment solutions

Learn about allergens that have the potential to provoke asthma reactions:

  • pet dander
  • chemicals found in cleaning products
  • irritants in personal care products
  • drugs
  • dust mites in bedding
  • environmental pollutants
  • down feathers
  • food additives such as color agents and sulfites
  • petrol fumes
  • mildew and mold
  • smoke from tobacco

You can stop allergies and asthma signs and symptoms with a clinically proven, safe and natural asthma solution.
The information in this allergy and asthma ebook can positively change your life.

Read a Report that Offers Dramatic Asthma Relief

Lifestyle Support to Help Reduce Asthma Symptoms

When you incorporate whole foods into your diet you eliminate many foods known to stress the body. Therefore
eat more fruits and vegetables along with protein and whole grains and nuts. You also want to avoid cheese,
and cold foods like ice cream. Even cold drinks can trigger asthma symptoms.

MSG and Aspartame can both be detrimental for someone with asthma (Many parents are still not aware that most
of the puddings, cakes, and other “kiddie treats” on the shelves have one or both of these ingredients,
some at dosages that are definitely harmful to developing bodies.

Be sure and get plenty of regular exercise, however if you feel asthma complications are triggered by increased
exercise then do so moderately.

It is also vitally important to find ways to decrease anxiety and stress because they tend to bring on attacks.
Allergens can also trigger symptoms, so remove carpeting and replace with throw rugs you can wash regularly.
This will help reduce dust mites, and bacteria and germs that can hide in carpeting. You also want to us
allergy mattress covers and pillow covers with proven dust mite casings. This will keep them
clean and free from dust which attracts the dust mites.

How can Herbal and Homeopathic Medicines Address Asthma Signs and Symptoms?

Holistic cures for asthma, such as herbal remedies and homeopathic asthma treatment solutions can be extremely
effective at relieving asthma and many other known respiratory conditions. You can actually lessen your dependency
and often eliminate the need for inhalers and synthetic drugs that have known side effects using natural
treatments for asthma.

Incorporating a holistic approach to using herbal and homeopathic
medicines as they offer a natural solution that can significantly relieve asthma sufferers without the complications
that are associated with many conventional drugs.

About Triple Complex Tissue Salts and Broncho Soothe for Asthma

Dealing with Asthma-Provoking Allergens

Animal Dander: The gift of constant companionship and all the wonderful stress-reducing
benefits of an unconditionally loving pet are often worth the price of an occasional flare up to some people.
If you choose to keep a cat or dog, then it may be helpful to wash them with a safe allergen-reducing shampoo.
A short-haired dog or cat may present less of a problem than a long hair.

Chemicals: The list of products an asthmatic shouldn’t use would be endless. Just
about every cleaning product at the store has ingredients I believe might be offensive to the delicate lung.
Well, personally, I find them offensive to optimal health in general. I’d suggest that anyone with asthma
take the time to find natural cleansing options for laundry, furniture, automobile, and body. They’re out
there. And the few pennies more you may have to spend per product will pay off in better breathing. Some
areas where natural options may make a difference include laundry detergent, skin care cleansers, makeup,
dish washing detergent, house cleaning products, toilet bowl products, pesticides (yes, there are non-toxic
ones – use them!), and just about anything else used to clean anything.

Dust Mites: Many people have the mistaken idea that dust mites only inhabit houses
where there is a hygiene problem but the truth is that mites are in every home. They live in carpet and they
live in our mattresses. In fact, if you often wake up with coughing or aggravation in breathing, dust mites
in your pillow and bed may well be a contributing factor. Buying mite-resistant covering is very important
for anyone with asthma.

Another way to reduce dust mites in the home is through spritzing rooms and bedding with a mite-killing mixture
of essential oils. A blend of melaleuca, myrtle, citronella and lemon grass will work well. You just add
about 10 drops of each oil to about half a regular-size spray bottle of water, shake well and spray. I do
this about two or three times a week.

Dust-Mite Barrier Pillow Cases and Bedding: Purchasing quality cases will help protect
your family from the effects of dust mite related problems.

These can include: allergies

  • asthma episodes
  • eczema
  • sniffles
  • morning headaches

Your mattress alone can easily harbor two million thriving critters. Barrier proof bedding and pillowcases
prevent the transfers of allergens from dust mites and their waste, allowing your family to sleep safely,
and healthfully.

Environmental Pollutants/Fumes: If you work in automobile fumes, paint fumes or
strong chemical fumes such as those products in beauty salons, camera shops and printing shops, then your
asthma may be effected negatively by breathing those toxins every day. It would be best, of course, to find
a different line of work but I realize that isn’t always immediately possible.

What can help is to wear a respirator mask with a drop of tea tree oil inside it or just dab a drop of oil
on a napkin and then touch it to your nose to get the scent there as a barrier.

Essential oils (should use pure, not diluted, and therapeutic grade not just aromatherapy oils) can help the
body’s natural receptor sites to stay cleaner, and help the body clear toxins faster. In addition, I’d suggest
that anyone who has worked around fumes for very long at their job take Cilantro Extract.

If you work in an environment that is damaging to your health, ask your employer to help you with ways to
reduce your exposure to toxic fumes. It’s in their best interest to keep their workers healthy so what can
it hurt to let them know there is a problem?

Drugs: Naturally, this is an allergen that you will need to discuss with your doctor.
If you have an attack shortly after switching to a new medication or new dosage on an existing med, please
follow up with your doctor immediately. You are the only one with your body 24 hours a day so learning to
monitor it’s response to the introduction of new drugs, supplements or environmental factors is a self help
skill it would be wise to cultivate.

Literally and deliberately taking time to notice how you feel may sound simple but we live such intense lives
that sometimes we can be feeling less than healthy for days before it finally registers that something is
wrong. This unusual ability to shut off or ignore what we feel is inherent in our survival mechanism and
was meant to be a gift, not the liability it has become for many of us.

For example, if we were to find ourselves in a life or death situation, and we were also wounded badly, the
body would summon all it’s energies to put our focus on getting out of the situation and remove focus from
the pain. This is our “fight or flight” response. However, in today’s high stress lifestyles, most
of us stay in fight or flight. The damage this does, over time, to the physical body, is tremendous.

So, slow down. Take time each day to become still and quiet and to simply check in on your body. Notice how
you really feel, physically. Check your breathing. Is it shallow? Deep? Stacato? Can you identify stress-thinking
that might be causing you to shift into fight or flight without even knowing it, preparing yourself for some
imagined action that might never be needed?

Learn to listen to your body when you eat, when you stress, when you feel good. Remember to breathe deeply
and slowly and ask the body to relax. Ask the lungs to relax and breathe deeply. Your body will respond to
your commands but you have to tune in enough to know that a command needs to be made. This body is your temple,
your StarShip as it were. Take your position as Captain.

Tobacco Smoke: This one is so easy and yet so hard for some. If you have asthma,
you know you don’t need to be smoking. However, smoking can be a very difficult addiction to break so if
you find that you just can’t kick the habit yet, then smoke outside. Ask your significant other, family members,
roommate, or co-worker to please smoke outside. Explain that your condition is worsened by tobacco smoke.
Anyone with any sensitivity should be willing to honor your request. If not, it may be time to find some
new friends or a new job. I know it’s a tougher call when it’s family but how important is your health?

Stop Smoking Resources, For You or Someone Who Smokes Around You

  • Stop Smoking – Hypnosis
  • I Am Smoke Free Now
  • Smoker’s Rescue 7 Day Stop Smoking System
  • More Quit Smoking Resources

Learn about many stop smoking resources.

Feathers: This one may seem obvious but make sure none of your pillows or bedding
contain feathers. When your child has a sleep-over, they are hardly going to ask the host if they have feather
pillows or down comforters but you need to know. Same thing when you visit friends. Again, don’t be afraid
to ask for what you need. Just explain that feathers might make your asthma flare up.

If you love birds, I really don’t know what to tell you except that you may be able to connect with them psychically
in such a way that they can help you not be effected. To some, this may seem an outlandish idea. It’s also

Food Allergies: Digestive Enzymes as a general health
supplement can help balance food allergies. One of the things I learned while reading up on Enzyme Therapy
was that, in the eyes of the enzyme specialist, a food allergy is simply the result of consuming a substance
that your body has insufficient enzymes to digest.

Given the right enzymes in the right proportion for the food eaten, many allergies simply do not continue
to present a problem. Important: This is not suggesting that anyone with asthma aggravated by food allergies
ever ingest any food known to cause problems. Please use common sense when reading this or any similar health
report. What I am saying, and it is backed by research, is that people have experience a cessation of food
allergies through supplementing the body with the correct proportion of certain enzymes.

Mold: Again, I’d stress the importance of natural cleansing products to deal with
mold and mildew rather than going the industrial strength bleach route. Wear a respirator mask when you clean
bathroom tiles or other moldy areas.

Also, switching to non-toxic cleansing products and using Natural Skin Cleansing Products
with No Chemicals
can help considerably over time.

Hay Fever and Asthma Formulas

Vaxa’s Lung Formula: A combination
of herbal remedies and homeopathics formulated to assist in
relieving many known lung condition symptoms. This multidemsional formula helps by supporting and relaxing
bronchial muscles while assisting in the relief of coughs, phlegm, and mucous to relieve lung congestion.

Vaxa’s Aller-Sine Naturally Addresses
Allergic Reactions: A natural “anti-histamine” stops the release of overactive histamines
that lead to stuffy nose and runny eyes while diminishing symptoms.