Benefits of Astral Projection Techniques You Can Learn in 30 Days or Less

Astral Projection Techniques: Accelerate Your Personal Development
and Make a Complete Change in Yourself

If you have ever had a very lucid dream, as if you were flying and could see, hear, and experience everything that
went on around you, being able to interact with what or whom you saw, you may not have been “dreaming” as
we know it at all, but experiencing astral projection.

Astral travel techniques, or remote viewing, have been recorded throughout history. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and
all through Tibet writings have been found which point to the belief that the soul is separate from the body
and can leave the body during sleep to fly anywhere, even through time. This belief is still prevalent today in the
Native American culture and the Siberian Shamanism culture where sacred plants, such as mushrooms, are taken internally
to assist the spirit in leaving the physical form, a common astral projection technique. Other techniques include
fasting, meditation, and/or dancing to achieve the state needed for the soul to go on its astral journey.

The belief that witches could fly stemmed from “secret” astral projection guides wherein witches would
rub their bodies with powerful hallucinogens to achieve out of body experiences. These plants were highly poisonous,
such as Belladonna or Hemlock, more proof that the belief in astral projection spans many cultures and customs. It
was thought that witches used astral travel techniques to visit Satan in hell, and commiserate with the dead.

However, astral projection isn’t just for pagans and heretics, as some would have us believe. There is a very famous
and well documented case wherein a catholic nun, sister Mary (the Blue Nun of Agreda ) was able to move using astral
travel techniques from her convent in Spain to Central America. When she told her fellow sisters about preaching
to the Jumano Indians, her descriptions were dismissed as hysteria. It wasn’t until Father Alonso de Benairdes came
back from Central America in 1630 and reported that a nun wearing blue had been there before him, distributing rosaries
and giving the Jumano Indians a chalice with which they celebrated mass. He interviewed Sister Mary, who was able
to describe details about the Indians that one would only know if they had lived among them.

If you want to learn astral projection techniques there are now methods that teach this art, and are worth checking
out should you wish to have a truly out of body experience.

With these astral travel techniques you can or may experience:

  • release from old mental ruts and habits.
  • decreased fear of death
  • solve problems that seem impossible but are easier during astral projection
  • spontaneous healing
  • encounter a light being, like an Angel, or Benevolent nonphysical being such as a guide or helper.
  • experience vast potential and power
    of your inner self
  • greater sense of creative power
  • greater memory recall and enhanced imagination
  • profound sense of knowing instead of believing

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One benefit of learning learning Astral
Travel techniques maybe not being scared of death and the great personal development you will learn.

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Projection Harmonic

Steve G Jones Tells First Experience of Astral Projection

After getting some exposure to astral travel you may want to learn more from an expert. In the following video astrol projection expert, Steve G. Jones shares his first encounter with astral projection. His experience offers others a comparison to their experiences or what one may expect during an astral travel experience. The video is 10 minutes long, but worth listening, too. If you find you would like to take your skills to another level Jones offers a unique Astral projection system through his website