Finding an Anti-Aging Doctor Recommended Antiaging Skincare Creams

Find an Anti-aging Doctor By Dr. Leia Melead and Recommendations
for Anti Aging Face Cream and Skin Care Products

Question for Dr. Leia: I am looking for an anti-aging doctor who knows something about
the best antiaging skin care products.

For instance, what is the best anti aging face cream to protect me from the sun, pollution, etc?

I would like to find a physician who might know about the best way to keep my body youthful besides the obvious:
good sleep, healthy food, and regular exercise. How do I find an anti aging doctor who truly understands product
ingredients and nutrition and could give me recommendations I can trust? Is there such a thing as an alternative
dr. who understands the truth about what really works?

Also, truthfully, do anti aging vitamin supplements like HGH products really turn back our biological clock? I know
I am asking a lot of questions, but I would like find the real truth and sort through the hype. I would appreciate
hearing your opinions along with how I might go about finding an real anti-aging doctor rather than someone pushing
miracle cures that are just marketing ploys. Thanks, Charlene.

Dr. Leia’s Answer: Dear Charlene, your question is a very important question because now
more than ever before, the baby boomer generation, the largest age group in our population has finally reached 60
years of age!

More and more companies are marketing and selling anti-aging products which are created and targeted specifically
for this age group. Chances are, if you find a product which is expensive and that absolutely guarantees that it
will make you look and feel 10, 20, or even 30 years younger, beware: it is probably only hype. No product or ingredients
can fully promise or guarantee to turn back your biological clock.

Sorting through the fact from the fiction is often difficult, especially if the advertisements are convincing and
promise you the fountain of youth. A good rule of thumb to staying healthy at any age is to follow the common sense
advice which you mentioned above in your question, and:

  • exercise regularly
  • eat healthy nutritious food
  • get at least 7-8 hours of good sleep each night
  • avoid smoking
  • limit alcohol intake
  • keep the stress levels down
  • visit your doctor for regular annual checkups or as soon as you discover an unwanted symptom
  • balance work with leisure and pleasure time
  • and keep a positive attitude

Now, after following the above guidelines, you can also opt to supplement with a regimen of anti-oxidant supplements
which may help to keep free radical formation and oxidation from occurring in your body.

Here is where you can visit your natural health care practitioner, such as a naturopathic doctor, certified holistic
nutritional consultant, or natural health care practitioner for an individualized analysis of your nutrient, vitamin,
mineral or amino acid deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and even heavy metal toxicities.

These health care practitioners have many helpful methods of testing and diagnosis available which are currently
not used by the traditional medical doctors. Some unconventional tests may include a hair or urine mineral analysis,
saliva testing, and/or blood testing, live blood cell analysis, and kinesiology or muscle testing. To find an alternative
doctor who can help you with these testing methods, make sure that the doctor is board certified and licensed at
both the state and the federal level and has graduated from an accredited college. Many times there will be practitioners
who have taken only a few mail order or on-line classes and are not licensed nor recognized by the state in which
they are practicing.

Anti-oxidant substances, such as vitamin A and C and E, Coenzyme Q 10, pycnogenol which are considered relatively
innocuous supplements when prescribed in small doses, can be toxic or harmful to the body if overdosed, and can have
adverse interactions if you are taking any prescribed medications. And the so called anti-aging hormones such as
DHEA, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, adrenal and thyroid substances should not be self administered in any
form, even crème or topical forms. You should seek out a well qualified natural health practitioner who will
first test these hormones and substances in your body before prescribing them.

There can be an element of danger in prescribing the wrong hormone or the incorrect dosage, especially if it is
not needed. HGH or human growth hormone is not even absorbed by the body when it is taken orally, and is a total
waste of money. The only way it can be utilized by the body is through injection, and this route of administration
is dangerous and not without unwanted or dangerous side effects even when under the supervision and administration
of a qualified medical doctor, so it is not generally recommended. Here is a case of where the side effects are more
dangerous than the disease.

As far as anti-aging crèmes and potions and lotions go, it is wise to seek out products which contain only
pure ingredients rather than harmful, abrasive, or dangerous ingredients. It is still not known what would be the
long term effects of using harsh chemicals or peels on your skin. As one saying goes, “do not put anything on
your skin, which you would not put into your mouth”. If you need to use abrasive or chemical peels or products,
it is best to do so under a dermatologist’s care.

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in skin problems, and usually any skin product lines endorsed
by a dermatologist may be beneficial if used as directed under his/her care and instructions. There are many natural
ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and herbs, such as vitamin C, collagen, green tea, ceramides, retinol, homeopathics,
chamomile, and calendula which may all be helpful in soothing, firming, and anti-wrinkling of the skin.

However, one caution: make sure that when you choose your skin product that you do not mix different lines of products
together. Mixing different ingredients may be incompatible, harmful or too harsh on the skin. It is best to pick
only one product or one product line and to use this exclusively for a while instead of mixing a smorgasbord of products
together with unknown results.

By Dr. Leia Melead

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