A Simple 3-Part Plan For Effective Weight Loss

You’ve decided to start a diet. It’s not a new idea, but this time you think it will work. As you think these positive thoughts about making a comeback, you begin to feel better immediately.

You rehearse visions of the change you’ll experience:

People will notice you more; heads will turn as you walk by. Your mom will be proud of you. Your significant other will snap out of their indifference and stop taking you for granted. You’ll do better at your job because you’ll have all this energy.

Your life, in short, will be better in every possible way: more control, higher approval, greater security.

Here’s the thing: for your dream to materialize you have to have a holistic plan of action.

Here is a simple 3 part plan that focuses on diet, exercise, and mental reprogramming.

  1. Start eating the right foods.

While there are plenty of diet plans that tell you exactly what to do, you may have failed in the past because for one reason or another they didn’t quite work for you. If you’re not aware of a good diet plan to follow, then you could simply follow some healthy eating habits..

This essentially means keeping track of your calories and eating a balanced diet. A balanced diet is one that has enough protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Eat nuts and seeds to build muscle and reduce food cravings. Dairy products like yogurt and cheese will build strong bones and to stimulate your metabolism. Lean protein sources like eggs, turkey, and other lean meats will help you get enough protein to keep your energy up. Berries will give you antioxidants. Fatty fish like mackerel, salmon, and tuna will supply your body with omega 3, 6, and 9, DHA, as well as high quality protein.

However, you may need supplements as well to compensate for any deficiencies in your weight loss diet. One excellent source of filler-free, high quality supplements is Plexus. What is Plexus? The Plexus line of products may increase energy, promote deeper sleep, and reduce aches and pains. Some products have natural ingredients to stabilize blood sugar like fruit extract garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, and chromium.

  1. Build muscle and burn fat with exercise.

You will burn more calories per hour through aerobic exercises. On average, walking will burn 300 calories per hour; running will burn 600 calories per hour; cycling will burn 600 calories per hour; swimming will burn 600 calories per hour; and jumping rope will burn 1000 calories per hour.

  1. Mental reprogramming

While diet and exercise are perfect killer apps for weight loss, they may not be enough. One reason that you have failed to lose weight in the past may not have been because you always followed an ineffective weight loss plan or didn’t exercise enough. You may have self-sabotaged your success. Perhaps, you didn’t follow your plan as thoroughly as necessary to get the results you wanted. Perhaps, something would always come up that would force you to discontinue your plan of action. Perhaps, you lost the weight but gained it all back again.

The solution is to reprogram your mind for weight-loss. One powerful method for reprogramming subconscious belief systems that may be holding you back is hypnosis. A hypnotherapist will use guided imagery to help create a positive belief in the joy of healthful eating and exercising.

While it is probably cheaper to buy a self-hypnosis CD and play it on your own, you will probably get better results if you see a professional. It’s not because self-hypnosis CDs aren’t effective, but you may not be consistent enough to get results. Conversely, when you visit a hypnotherapist, you’re more motivated to get your money’s worth and you’re letting someone else worry about how to orchestrate the process.

An article in Everyday Health relates the story of a self-described yo-yo dieter, Jean Fritz, who had gained 40 pound over a period of two years. Fritz shared her experience, “Luckily, I am a highly suggestible person and, after my first session, I noticed that my sugar and chocolate cravings were gone,” At the time of the interview, she had already lost 30 pounds.

Focus, Will, and A Plan

You can achieve almost anything if you focus on it long enough, are willing to do whatever is necessary to make progress, and follow a reaistic plan of action. Millions of people lose weight every year and keep it off; it’s all a question of whether you want the results strongly enough to take the necessary action to make things happen.