Weight Loss Cleanse of Colon through Holistic Diet Detox

Holistic Health Solutions for Weight Management – How To Reach
Your Weight Loss Goals by Colon Cleansing

Excess weight can be the result of many factors just as there are many healthy, permanent weight loss cleanse strategies.

By reading this entire article you will learn the basics to successful long term weight management along with
guidance for improving you health while you lose the excess weight.

Any drastic dietary change should be seen as only a very temporary metabolic boost to get the body back into
weight-losing state.

In order to facilitate weight loss that is healthy and permanent, a comprehensive approach is needed encompassing
many factors of weight control, dieting, and fitness.

Weight Loss is More than Diets

Why can’t I lose this extra weight? It is a question of epidemic proportions and it won’t be covered here
but I can offer some directions and some options. For me, as a spiritual healer, this question led to others:
If the physical body is naturally supposed to be healthy, which I believe it is, then why would the body
store extra weight? What goes wrong with the signals, for the body to hold more than it really needs?

My approach to wellness is holistic and comprehensive of all the aspects of what makes us human: mind, body,
emotions, Spirit. When anything goes wrong in either area, it affects all the others. If you can entertain
this interconnected view of life, we can communicate in a meaningful way about your questions. If you see
the condition of your body as unrelated to the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life, then
this may not be the information for you. You decide.

To begin with, let us consider the following premise:

The reason many weight loss programs fail is because there are at least three things that need to be done
before a person ever starts on the recommended diet or exercise plan. Find out what they are and you may
succeed, no matter how many times it didn’t work before.

Excess weight can be the result of many factors. In order to facilitate weight loss that is healthy and permanent,
I feel a comprehensive approach is in order. The areas of work ahead of you include:

  • Cleanse the body system
  • Build the body system
  • Balance the mind and emotions
  • Find the right program for you.(This is when you are finally ready to start losing weight.)

Now, most of us tend to start weight programs out of a sense of desperation (maybe even a little self-loathing)
and grab the hot thing, the new thing on the market. We totally ignore the first three steps and skip straight
to the fourth, but not in terms of finding the right program so much as the one that promises to take the
weight off quickest, and with least effort. If you really want to lose the weight and keep it off, go through
these steps in the order they are given and stay with each one until you have mastered that aspect of the

Step A: Cleanse The Body System

To learn more about safely detoxing, please read my 3-part body cleansing articles which
addresses topics including:

  • Detox and the Healing Crisis
  • What is a Detox?
  • How You Need to Know When You Need to Detox?

1. Colon: If you are not having two good bowel movements every day, you most likely
have a toxic colon. If the colon is not fully releasing the waste that accumulates there after each meal,
that waste turns putrid and toxic. the toxic waste leaks back through the wall of the colon and back into
the bloodstream. This creates a generally unhealthy condition of the body and I feel is a hidden obstacle
to losing weight, both because a person can store up to five pounds of waste and because the system is not
healthy. This creates a situation where the body feels it needs more nutrition, etc., which translates into
more food.

When the system is toxic, you have less energy for exercise, which can also contribute to excess weight. Is
this a scientific fact? Frankly, I have no idea. It’s just what I sense and know. In every instance of weight
problem management with which I have been involved, there was toxicity of the colon.

Parasites are another toxicity problem that can interfere with weight loss. Parasites are far more common
than most people think, being easy to pick up from improperly washed salads and greens as well as just from
pets who go outside or from walking barefoot. I do a parasite cleanse a couple of times a year whether I
know I have parasites or not. Parasitin+ by
Vaxa is an excellent choice because it is a broader spectrum formula which eliminates various types of parisites such as:

  • Flukes
  • Tapeworms
  • Roundworms
  • Protozoans

So, the first thing I usually suggest looking into when a person just can’t seem to lose weight is a good,
gentle colon cleanse. If you have any colon problems, such as colitis or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome),
please check with your doctor. I don’t like to use formulas with senna, as I find it has more of a tendency
to gripe and cause crampings than milder herbals like cascara sagrada.

Parasites are often hidden cause of colon toxicity, low energy and weight imbalance. They are easier to pick
up than you might think. Some sources include walking barefoot in the yard (and house, if you have indoor
pets), eating lettuce or other leafy greens that have not been properly cleansed, swimming in creeks, eating
improperly cooked meats, etc.

It just makes sense to me that, if we are asking the body to release something (like extra weight) we need
to give it all the support to we can to do so. Cleansing the systems of the body frees up more energy for
weight management.

2. Liver: The liver is such a vital, vital organ to the overall health of the body.
It’s impossible for us to maintain any level of good health with an unhealthy liver. Due to high pollution
levels in air, water and food, I do a liver cleanse at least 3-4 times a year. NOTE: An effective liver cleanse
can take weeks. Just taking something for a few days is not sufficient. Also, if you work in any environment
where you are regularly in contact with more than a fair share of pollutions or toxicity — car mechanics,
bus drivers, beauticians, painters, etc. — then you probably need to look at doing a liver cleanse even
more often. If you haven’t done a good liver cleanse within at least the past six months to a year, a toxic
liver may be part of your inability to stay with a dietary program and lose weight. One of the best herbs
for cleansing the liver is milk thistle.

If you feel colon and/or liver toxicity might be a factor in your weight gain, please visit these pages for
some good options: Cleansing with Enzymes.

Enzymes and Weight Loss: One of the primary keys to weight loss may simply be the incorporation of enzymes. Lipase, for example, is abundant in foods that are raw but very few of us have sufficient amonts of raw foods in our diet to ingest enough lipase for burning a a diet of normal fat intake, not
to mention the excess of bad fats that are in the standard American diet.

Lipase is a fat splitting enzyme that aids the body in digestion, fat distribution and the burning of fat
for energy. Lipase in our digestive system is what breaks down the fat throughout our body, and aids in its digestion. Without lipase, fat will actually begin to accumulate in various organs and becomes stagnate in the body in areas like our arteries and capillaries. One of the first places a person begins to notice fat accumulation is in the thighs, hips, butt, and
the waist and stomach.

Protease is another of the enzymes that is crucial to help us maintain a healthy body.
The two roles that are primary for Protease include breaking down proteins and eliminating toxins. It is vital to reduce the toxins in our body, especially if you wish to lose body fat. Fat where toxins are easily stored in the body. As you start to burn accumulated fat toxins are released from where they are stored and enter back into your system. This can lead to bloating and also water
retention so it is always wise to drink plenty of water.

Since Protease attacks and eliminates toxins, it is crucial to have extra protease during fat loss. By the
way, not all enzymes are created equal. It’s important that the formulation fit your unique body type and
that the units be measured by the standard FCC units to be the most effective.

For more info on the connection
between enzymes and weight, please read our article “Enzymes and Weight Loss:
A Hidden Factor in Obesity”
and read about LypoZyme.

3. Blood: If the colon and/or liver are toxic, I believe the blood is also toxic.
Again, in support of the body system working to lose the excess weight, I feel it is good to cleanse the
blood. A very gentle and effective blood cleanse might include red clover tea and burdock root capsules.
I try to do a blood cleanse at least once a year. Red Clover and Burdock Root teas are two of the best blood
cleansers I know of. Red Clover is gentle and very effective, even for children. Burdock Root is more thorough
so anyone with serious conditions would have to go slower on their detox with Burdock than with Red Clover,
at least in my personal experience with the two.

One of the most comprehensive detox programs I’ve ever come across is the Internal
Cleansing Kit
, which addresses yeast, parasites, colon cleansing and healthy intestinal balance,
liver, lymphatic and kidney cleansing. However, I warn you, this is a major cleanse and not for everyone.
It may not be an easy cleanse for most due to how deeply the cleanse goes but I guarantee you that you
will see things leave your body that you had no idea were there! Especially if you’ve never done a good
cleanse before. It totally amazed me. During the colon cleanse, I actually
passed several of what my nurse friend described as first stage colon tumors. That was a bit shocking
to me but also what a relief to know they were gone! Of course, no cleanse or other health regimen should
ever be considered as a substitute for any needed medical care. I just had no idea I was developing tumors
and for me, it was quite a blessing to know they could be gotten rid of that easily. I also passed at
least one very long, wormlike thing in spite of having done parasite cleanses often. This kit is just
amazing but you have to be willing to go through it. It’s 21 days of deep cleansing. I spread mine out
longer than that, to minimize my detoxing. Highly recommended for those brave enough!

If you’ve never done a good cleanse before, and you are not into the old school herbalist approach that which
would include fasting and extensive cleansing or if you are not financially able to order the full internal
cleansing kit, I have a very good, less expensive but also less comprehensive option for you in the Colon
Cleansing Kit

4. Anti-Yeast Check: Rule out systemic yeast. This is another hidden and very insidious
obstacle to weight loss. Make sure that you don’t have Candida Albicans. If you do have it, there are ways
to deal with it. I have a wonderful yeast formula (don’t sell it, sorry, just make it for myself, but I do
have a simple do it yourself tincture recipe on my herbal page at Medicine Dreams Herbals. Just look for
the Women’s Formula recipe and substitute two parts oregano and thyme and one part fenugreek and peppermint
for the anti-yeast tincture). It works great.

If want to rid your body of yeast, and also rid your system of yoyo appetite swings, reduce refined white
sugar, or cut it out altogether. Don’t panic! I know you may not be able to do that at first. Just have it
as an eventual goal to work toward reducing. If you have systemic yeast, it is a must for you to stop use
of refined sugar.

If you feel that yeast (candida) may be a factor in your weight gain and/or energy balance, you might also
consider the Vaxa Candid-Free anti-yeast
cleanse. Of course, switching to Stevia will help greatly when dealing with yeast
and candida as well since the problem that is created with candida is that it feeds off of yeast in the body
and that yeast comes from your diet. Carbohydrates such as sugars (anything ending in an -ose like sucrose,
dextrose, maltose, etc.) carbohydrates including maltodextrin hinder your body’s ability to balance the yeast

For reducing heavy metal toxins, the herb Cilantro is good. Just munch on it fresh, make a tincture or just
use an herbal simple, which is Cilantro Herb extract alone.

OK, now there are other cleanses we could mention (kidneys, lungs, etc.) but these are the major ones. Get
back with me if you have other physical conditions that are zapping your energy. Taking care of the things
that are causing your health to be less than optimal should come before you start actively trying to lose
weight. Give your body the support it needs to lose, and you will not fail.

Also, the cleansing section would not be complete without mentioning three little
ingredients that cause big problems with weight loss and good health in general. Please consider giving

  • Refined Sugar
  • MSG
  • Aspartame

I know, three biggies. Chances are you use at least one on a regular basis. They are hard to give up because
they stimulate and give us feelings of pleasure while they poison us. I won’t get on a soapbox here but you’d
do well to research and discover the truth about these three culprits. A good resource is the book, Sugar
Blues by William Duffy.

There are healthy alternatives to sugar, but you must develop a taste for them. Stevia is the very best and
it is so useful for reducing sugar in your diet, as it helps directly with sugar cravings.

Also, don’t believe that sucralose is sugar free. It actually contains 4 grams of sugar. Because it is below
5 grams it doesn’t have to specify the 4 grams. Imagine what happens when a diabetic puts 3 or 4 packets
in a cup of coffee. Yep, you guessed it, not much different than spiking the cup with refined sugar! Dangerous
and misleading package labeling. So give stevia a try, you will be so happy that you did and it will really
help with weight loss.

Stevia is a natural sweetener that I would suggest
for anyone who is diabetic or pre-disposed in that direction.

MSG is often hidden by ingredient listings by other names: Monosodium
Glutamate and MSG: The whole truth about monosodium glutamate and MSG.

Reading resources, aspartame:

  • Aspartame Poisoning Information
  • The
    Shocking Health Risks Of Aspartame

Aspartame Detoxification Program

If you have been drinking diet colas or eating foods containing aspartame for any length of time, you may
actually need to detox your body just as you would to rid it of any other toxin. There is one particular
detox program that deals specifically with detoxing from aspartame. It is written by a doctor named Janet
Hull. Here is a message from Dr. Hull about why she created this detox program:

“In 1991, I was diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ case of Grave’s Disease, a fatal thyroid disorder, I never
really had Grave’s Disease but my doctors were convinced I did. I had aspartame poisoning with symptoms of
‘textbook’ Grave’s Disease caused by aspartame saturating my foods. Modern medicine kept me alive temporarily,
but symtpms of my disease are gone now by using The Aspartame Detoxification Program. Modern medicine has led us to the “take
a pill or cut it out mentality” for almost every modern health symptom, but this approach alone cannot
cure disease as more and more people are personally discovering.

Using the Aspartame Detoxification Program I designed at the time of my ‘disease’, I restored my health within
30 days. If you use sugar-free products with aspartame and suffer with health symptoms your medical doctor
cannot ‘cure’, more than likely you have aspartame poisoning.

Learn more about Aspartame Detoxification.

No Hydrogenated Oils

The last thing I would strongly suggest you look into is the effect that hydrogenated oils have on our cellular
health. I was stunned when I saw the facts on this and immediately switched to real butter and unhydrogenated
oils in cooking. I know butter is higher fat so I had to really cut down on the amount I used, but what I
found is that it takes a lot less butter than margarine, to flavor foods. I also learned to use spices more
creatively for flavor.

In general, what hydrogenated oils do is make our cells kind of stiff and like plastic rather than fluid and
flexible. They become unable to retrieve vital nutrients they need. In short, they become stupid and slow.
Cut out the hydrogenated oils as much as possible. You might explore the use of hempseed butter. It’s very
healthy and of course, does not contain any of the altering effect of the plant it comes from! Also, sniff
some therapeutic grade essential oils every day as they oxygenate
the cells and help counteract the effects of hydrogenated oils.

Please note that partially hydrogenated oils are actually worse than fully hydrogenated, so no short
cuts to health there! I often keep pure peppermint oil in my purse and if I make the choice to eat out in
a restaurant (You WILL get hydrogenated oils whenever you do this, unless it’s a purely organic health oriented
eating establishment that clearly states otherwise on the menu), then I just take a whiff or two of the oil
during and after the meal.

Step B: Build The Body System

Now that you’ve gotten your body cleansed and feeling more healthy, you can turn your attention to building
the system up. This is a vital second step on the path to “permanent” weight loss. The goal is
for you to lose what you want to lose, for good.

Along the way, experimenting and exploring, I have gathered around me some products that I feel are exceptional
in helping me maintain good health.

As always, if you have any serious medical condition or are under the doctor’s care, please check with your
doctor before adding these or any other healthcare products to your regimen. These work for me, in a synergistic
and quite wonderful way. It’s taken me a long time to find a plan that works, and I hope my sharing this
will save you some time and create more energy, restful sleep and joyful days for you.

Colloidial Minerals:

I’ve discovered that one of the overall good health supplements for normal weight, pain reduction and just
keeping the body functioning properly is colloidial minerals. There are many good formulas out there. One
tip: I’ve discovered that I don’t need the minerals every day. I use internal feedback to determine if I
take them or not. If you have some way of muscle-testing, that would be great. If you need a good mineral
supplement, try T.J. Clark Legendary Colloidals.

Essential Oils

For me, nothing works faster to help me relax than a few whiffs of the right essential oils. So what does
this have to do with weight loss? Ever eat when you are stressed? Anxious? Bored? Maybe you don’t, but I
sure do. It’s my most dangerous time.

I never understood what the big deal was about aromatherapy until I was introduced to pure therapeutic-grade
essential oils for the first time. All I’d ever used before were cheap oils that I’d pick up here or there.
There really is no comparison. Regular inhalation of certain essential oils has been proven to aid in appetite
reduction, while others work remarkably well for relaxation. I use my oils every day.

Potent, pure therapeutic grade oils also oxygenate the cells and I find that regular use greatly increases
my energy level. Since most are antibacterial as well, they are great for working and living in today’s polluted
world and I feel that they give me a certain amount of protection from toxicity in the air, foods and general
environment. For potent therapeutic grade oils, please read our information on Mountain
Rose Herbs

Step C: Balance The Mind And Emotions

Anytime there is a physical imbalance, whether it be illness or disease or excess weight, there has first
been a non-physical causative factor. Science has recently made great strides in creating the technology
that can prove what healers have long known — that there is a very definite link between emotions and mental
mindset, and physical imbalance.

With weight management challenges, one has to become a monitor for emotional and mental triggers for a time,
until awareness of these have reached a point where the action to shift them can happen. This is where most
of us give up. At the beginning, it can be very difficult to be detached and non-judgmental about our trigger
issues. We all to often end up eating NOT to have to look at what we begin to see about ourselves. If we
can ever get past that point, true emotional and mental repatterning can occur.

So, for the first two weeks, pretend you are observing someone you don’t know. Just observe. Don’t judge.
If it helps, write it down. For some, this provides distance and release of the observation. See what works
for you. What you are looking for and working to observe scientifically (in a detached way, with the goal
of reaching a conclusion based on the full experience) are those subtle signals and triggers that PRECEDE
the desire to eat more than you need to eat, for health and wellness.

Some examples I noticed in myself: When I get bored, I eat. Why? Took a little digging but I discovered that
I often feel as if I have to be doing something all the time. When I’m trying to get something done and I
no longer want to work on it that day, I will create a feeling of boredom so I can shift my attention to
food. What really needed healing was that drive to be always doing something. Once I tracked down the origin
of that (my Grandma, bless her pioneer heart) and did some meditations to program into my consciousness that
I could make different choices, it became less and less an automatic response for me to eat when I was bored.
I still have to watch it though, because it was deeply ingrained in me at an early age and I’ll fall back
into it if I’m not careful.

Mental Mindsets can also be triggers. Thinking negatively about our weight can actually trigger eating more.
It’s the opposite of what we are trying to do but we sometimes can’t help it. Why? Again, somewhere along
the way, we learned to think that way about ourselves and now, we have to unlearn it.

So, two weeks of self-monitoring. You will know yourself a lot better at the end of it.

Actions that can sometimes thwart a mis-directed need to eat:

  • Taking a walk.
  • Dance to some good music.
  • Taking a hot shower or bath.
  • Drinking a favorite healthy beverage.
  • Doing something creative.
  • Calling a friend.
  • Cooking something that takes some effort and time.
  • Prayer and meditation.
  • Making love.
  • Drinking more water (should be drinking water every two to three hours and should be pure
  • Inhaling essential oils that are particularly pleasant and relaxing or rejuvenating to you.
  • Laughing. Keep a few good comedies on hand, or a joke book around.
  • Get counseling or join a weight loss group. Take the risk of talking with others who are going through
    the same things you are. It will be invaluable support. Reach out.

Emotional Balance with Meditation, Relaxation Tools

Visit our meditation and relaxation section to discover helpful resources such as:

Enjoy working with programs like Binaural Beats technology? Then read more fascinating articles on self-hypnosis,
subliminals, and paraliminals

  • Subliminal Tapes
  • Binaural Beat CD’s

Of course, no weight loss program would be complete without including exercise. Make sure to take brisk walks
of at least 30 minutes as often as you can. This is enough to raise your metabolic rate. Another way you
can enjoy exercise is in the guise of dancing. I find some music that moves me, and I like to dance.

A few other interesting suggestions include Tae Bo, Qigong and/or Tai
Chi. I took Tai Chi for a while and found it not only profoundly centering and balancing, but toning
and energizing as well.

Step D: Find The Right Program For You

When you reach this step, you are ready to begin to lose the weight permanently. Now, how do you determine
the best way? There’s a diet on every corner. Frankly, most of them work only short-term by depriving your
body of one food type it must have for a limited time — whether that be carbohydrates, protein or fat. This
kind of deprivation diet cannot work permanently because your body needs all three foods to function properly.

The best diet programs will advocate a healthy balance of good foods, moderate exercise and nutritional supplementation.
Use what works for you but do the work you need to do before you start, to insure permanent weight loss in
a health way. If you cleanse the body, support it with the right enzymes, vitamins and minerals,
and work daily to reduce your stress level and improve your energy
and state of emotional balance, any good program will work. If you feel you need the extra help of a
good natural formulas for appetite suppression and natural weight loss, please check the resources link for
more information.

Sample Programs and Supplements

Fat Burning Secrets: Great program, whether your weight loss goals are to lose 10 pounds fast, or gradually release 100 pounds of excess body fat; or maybe you are aiming to reduce total body fat to 15% or 3%; whether you wish to enter a fitness or bodybuilding competition or look great in the summer in your swimsuit and shorts. No matter what your fitness goals may be, by applying the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, techniques you can have any type of body you want.

Lemonade Diet: While we believe there are healing and weightloss properties to both
lemons and the specific grade of maple syrup that is used with the Lemonade Diet we believe there is a synergistic
effect when they are used together, we don’t believe any such diet should be undertaken longterm or abused.

Weight Watchers Recipes: Every piece of information will help simplify
and streamline your life…so you’re free to focus on your most-pressing priorities. This is comprehensive
cooking and fitness package created just for you, the busy mom…the busy single…the busy anybody!

There are several weight loss programs available on the internet and since you might find it difficult choosing
the safest and most efficient one here at Weight Loss Support Losing Weight you
can learn about all the issues related to a safe weight loss.

Lose 10 Pounds Fast: Are you looking for a fast, healthy program
to boost your weight loss cleanse efforts before bathing-suit season? Or maybe you are trying to drop a dress size
before your wedding?…or graduation? This easy-to-follow 10-day program could be the answer you are looking

Hoodia Cactus in the News – Learn about this powerful cactus used to assist
in weight reduction.

Learn More on our favorite natural weight loss supplement choices.