Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: Holistic Health Natural Approach for Fibro

Natural Therapy for Fibromyalgia – Part One

If you are primarily seeking holistic health tips for fibro pain, we suggest jumping to Part
where we discuss getting Fibromyalgia pain relief, better sleep, and more energy.

Part one is a personal journey along with some helpful tips for managing the effects of Fibromyalgia from
a spiritual perspective.

This approach to dealing with health challenges contains alternative fibromyalgia information from a non traditional
point of view.

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief – Holistic Health Approach, Part One

Fibromyalgia is a serious medical condition. None of the information shared here should be construed as replacing
any medical treatment that may be needed. The good news is that fibro is medically recognized now as a real
condition, not a psychosomatic situation or a set of symptoms attributed to nervous conditions or stress.

My own experiences with fibromyalgia, or fibro as it is called by some, began around 1988. My approach to
health challenges has almost always been holistic and spiritual. After doctors failed me, I turned to what
I trusted and that’s the information I’m sharing here.

If this is not an approach that resonates with you, feel free to jump to the suggested fibromyalgia
remedies or part two of this article which covers some very helpful tips for natural fibromyalgia
relief. Part Two of this article covers some very helpful tips for natural fibromyalgia relief.

The raw nerve syndrome—One of the most exquisitely terrible symptoms of fibro in my own case, and the
worse symptom by far in the beginning, was this feeling of raw nerves on the skin.

Literally, I could not stand to have any clothes on in bed or even to have the cover touching my legs. The
pain I experienced for several years is hard to describe but anyone suffering from fibro can probably identify.
Connective tissue pain was intensely severe at times, in fact so severe as to put me completely down, in
the bed. A constant sense of fatigue, frequent bouts of depression and insomnia were also quite common for
me then.

One of the horrors that I still find so difficult to think about was the way odors affected me. I would have
such severe revulsion over the strangest of smells. I never knew what would set that off.

A condition I call brain fog was also prevalent. When the mental fog descended, I literally could not think.
I’d be standing in the grocery store, trying to pick out a can of soup and just not be able to find the one
I wanted. Horrible. A feeling of being a zombie, almost.

At the time I first became afflicted with fibromyalgia, it was not a health condition that was even recognized
by most medical doctors so I endured the usual diagnosis of nerves, stress, etc.

Thank God it is finally recognized and dealt with seriously by the medical profession. Holistic Healthcare
providers were ahead of the game and have been working with the unnamed but known phenomenon of fibro for
many years.

Even now, I’m not sure why I suffered most during my menstrual period but was then that I sought help. My
doctor, never mentioning the word fibromyalgia, prescribed a mild pain reliever, which made me have muscle
spasms. When I told the doctor I was having muscle spasms because of the drug, he looked incredulous and
said there was no reason that should be happening. When I stopped the prescribed drug, the muscle spasms
decreased significantly. When I used it once again, thinking the doctor must know, the muscle spasms increased

Thus it was that I learned to trust my own feelings about this and my own body’s communication to me, rather
than what the doctor said was probable. I believe there are factors in fibromyalgia that cause different
reactions than would happen in someone who did not have fibro and hope that more doctor’s have begun to respect
the unique situation of each client now than they did back then.

Speaking of the menstrual factor, I discovered a discipline that helped greatly with menstrual imbalances.
I believe women have gotten out of synch with their own body rhythms and this spiritual discipline can help
bring that balance back, as well as expanding spiritual awareness.

Around that same time, I began to be far more interested in spiritual aspects of my own identity, life purpose
and path. In awakening to that purpose, and over a course of a few years, I came to a turning point in my
life. I decided that, for me, western medicine was not the way for me anymore.

Note that I have never relied on traditional medicine and doctors, and can count on my hands the times I’ve
even been to a doctor in my life of (I’m almost 50). However, the turning point I’m speaking of regards a
deeper conviction. I decided to maintain and restore health through self-treatment and natural remedies exclusively
and to take my health completely into my own hands.

I utilize the medical diagnostic tools when needed and, if I ever let myself go to the point where surgery
were the only option, I would probably do it but surgery and drugs have become a last resort for me. This
is a highly individual decision and one that should not be made lightly.

For me, it was a wonderful decision and my life has only gotten better for it. I began to study herbs (having
always had a true affinity for the earth and plants anyway) and other holistic healing avenues. I also made
spiritual awakening a priority in my life and sought a renewed relationship with the God of my knowing. The
path of service this eventually opened up was that of the wellness counselor and spiritual healer.

My research and spiritual development eventually led to a new way of dealing with not only this frustrating
health challenge but also with all other physical, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance. I found, in
holistic healthcare education and implementation, in vibrational energy work such as Reiki, and in prayer
and meditation, the relief and healing I had so long sought.

This path is not for everyone. In order to facilitate one’s own healing through natural means, one must be
willing to monitor the body closely, adjust dosage, experiment and explore. Those who want someone to give
them their answers and tell them what is best for them are not generally well suited to self-treatment.

Holistic Health Report on Fibromyalgia – What is Fibro? How is Fibromyalgia Treated holistically?

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is a chronic condition characterized by fatigue and extreme muscle pain.

Its primary symptom is severe ache and muscle pain that makes any type of physical activity very painful.
More than 5 million Americans suffer from of FMS in the USA, but the number of cases may be higher because
the condition is difficult to diagnose. Approximately 80 to 90 percent of FMS sufferers are women.

Essential Oils for Natural Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

I use essential oils for relaxation (lavender) and natural pain relief (Basil and Marjoram, mixed with massage
oil and rubbed in is wonderful and fast for spasms and cramps; Peppermint oil stops that dull aching pain).

I must advise you that I only use pure, therapeutic grade oils, organically grown, harvested at peak times,
and distilled at low heat very slowly, with no solvents or additives.

Using cheaper oils that may not be pure or may have been processed at high heat (which destroys the delicate
constituents of the plant) as many of the cheaper oils are, will probably not give the same effect as pure
therapeutic grade oils.

One of the essential oil blends that I use with success is lavender and peppermint, about 4 drops of each
mixed with sesame oil and applied to areas of pain.

Mountain Rose Herbs—Excellent Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

A Simple Wellness Tip for Pain

I got this tip from my chiropractor and really was surprised at the difference it made, not only in my pain
level but in my general ability to sustain energy throughout the day.

The chiropractor suggested that I get in the habit of drinking water first thing in the morning, to help the
system flush lactic acid build-up and generally release toxins that my body had processed through the night.

I have found that when I do this, I felt better all day than I feel when I forget to do it. So, a simple tip
to try. I hope it helps you as it helped me.

Colloidal Minerals for Natural Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

On more than one occasion, colloidal minerals have stopped muscle spasms and pain for me.

I take them internally but also apply them topically, directly to the muscles that are hurting. One of the
pioneers in colloidals is a company called T.J. Clark. They must be doing something right!

T.J. Clark’s Web Site

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