Where to order insulin needles online?


Though online shopping is rising globally, shopping online for medicines is yet to catch on. Large numbers of online pharmacies have surfaced in recent times, providing an efficient and reliable platform to get medications delivered home. There are many choices with attractive discounts offered, especially the attractive features like automated weekly and monthly subscriptions. 

In today’s fast-paced world, diseases such as diabetes are increasing due to stressful lifestyles. This requires a daily dosage of insulin shots. The availability of online insulin needles is significantly more convenient than constant trips to the pharmacy and eliminates the risk of running out. The insulin needles should be bought with a prescription from a certified doctor.

Before considering purchasing insulin needles online, you need to be aware of some pointers. 

There are various sizes of insulin needles available. Some important parameters that should be kept in mind before buying are the needle gauge, length, and barrel size.

  1.     Needle gauge: The needle’s thickness or width is referred to as the gauge of the needle.  Smaller gauge needles work well for young age and thin people. Older adults prefer the larger needle. The gauge of the needle ranges from 28 gauge and 31 gauge.  The larger the gauge number, the smaller the gauge. For example, An Ultra-Fine has a larger width than an Ultra-Fine II.
  2.     Barrel size: The amount of the insulin syringe can hold is its barrel size. The insulin dosage of the patient defines the barrel size for use. For instance, a 1cc syringe is recommended for 50-100 units, and 0.3cc injections are best for 30 units, and a needle of 0.5cc is recommended for 30-50 units. You must select and assert the size (as prescribed) before buying the syringe. Before drawing the insulin, take a close look at the barrel’s marking, especially whenever the size of the needle changes. There are various ways to mark the barrel size, and you must assert that you are buying the correct dose.
  3.     Length of the needle: There are different length needles available. Some standard sizes available are 8mm and 12.7 mm. The “short” needle length is 8mm in size, and the “long” needle is 12.7 mm. The short needle length is the most preferred.


Benefits of Using Insulin Needle

  • Insulin pens give a higher dose accuracy compared to syringes
  • Ability to read and record clear dose values
  • Easy to use for the elderly and kids
  • Ease of carrying, storage and maintenance
  • Time-saving due to pre-filled and present insulin levels
  • Some insulin pens come with a memory feature where one could record timing and dosage

Where & How to Order Insulin Needles Online?

Insulin needles are readily available in various sizes and gauges at most websites authorized for medicine e-commerce. However, most websites require a medical prescription from a certified doctor before dispatch to avoid abuse of insulin. Thus, one must consult and take a written prescription from the doctor if one wants to order insulin needles online.

You can make a one-time purchase or subscribe to get more discounts. We would suggest you buy the needles from the official website of the manufacturer. 

Most importantly, it would be best if you had FDA-approved diabetes supplies. These are quite important as your health matters the most. There are brands such as Diathrive that make diabetes management a lot more convenient and affordable. 

You could also buy the needle from local pharmacies, but it saves time and money to go to an official website and purchase the product. 

So, feel free to explore the options. Always read the reviews and check the ratings before buying the needle. 

Moreover, choose a platform that offers prompt customer support. You would need that in case of any defects and concerns.