Wayne Dyer Philosophy Ignites A Burning Desire Within You

Philosophy of Wayne Dyer is Inspirational and Transformational

Wayne Dyer has spend his much of his life in the self-empowerment and self-help field.

Today, you will find his books among the best sellers lists, along with products like his Peace cards filled
with inspirational quotes.

When you read Wayne Dyer’s bio you learn he has a doctorate in counseling psychotherapy and has overcome many
obstacles to make his dreams come true.

If fact, his childhood was spent in orphanages and foster homes which offered him many opportunities to reflect
on life and its many challenges.

With his book, “Your Erroneous Zones”, his writing career took him to new levels when this book
became a best seller and became the platform for many other future self-help classics.

“A burning desire is within you , go after it, give it your all, create a burning desire in your life
and don’t let your candle flame flicker.”
— Wayne Dyer

Motivational Self Help Courses

Wayne Dyer’s “10 Secrets to
Success” Course

This is an extremely valuable course for anyone who has decided to consciously be on their life path. The
course is enriched with exquisite lessons, audio clips of Wayne, a personal journal and WisdomFlash.

Wayne Dyer Audio Collection

Included in this Audio Collection are: There Is A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s 10
Secrets to Success and Inner Peace, Improve Your Life Using the Wisdom of the Ages and How to Get What You
Really, Really, Really Want.

Find Wayne Dyer’s Inspirational Quotes in His Inner Peace Cards

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