Water Contamination Exposed: The Blue Death: Disease, Disaster, and the Water We Drink by Dr. Robert D. Morris

The Blue Death, written by Dr. Robert D. Morris, a physician, and an environmental engineer with expertise in issues related to drinking water and epidemiology explains why we shouldn’t take it for granted that our drinking water is always safe.

In this eye opening book about the potential for water contamination Morris tracks the emergence and movement of water borne disease. His Masters degree in biostatistics makes him a valuable resource for educating the public on the importance of maintaining safe sources of drinking water and the grave possibilities of contaminated water. The book provides a great heads up on what is really happening with our water systems.

He takes you back in time to experience what it was like for the first pioneers in the field. Step-by-step he reveals how the major thoughts and politics throughout the period of the early eighteen hundreds influenced science. For example, Dr. John Snow was one of the first to investigate the possibility that the dreaded cholera was indeed a water borne disease. The mistakes of the past sometimes are revisited in the present.

The politics of the time were not in agreement, and this contributed to the death toll when there was a cholera outbreak. Had they put their politics aside and scientifically investigated the matter more lives may have been saved. In his opinion we must heed the lessons of the past and examine more closely what is happening with our water, today.

Sewer mixed with water, the unfettered growth of cities, and dirty water are now as in the past factors often present before a disaster. The modern day tragedy of Milwaukee unfolds to reveal some of the problems that we will encounter now and in the future with ground water contamination and old water systems.

Our infrastructure is crumbling according to Dr. Morris. The problem is no one sees the old pipes, so planners don’t think it’s a problem. Also the evolution of bacteria and viruses immune to chlorine, such as cryptosporidium could pose a significant risk in the future. Add to that, the fact that water borne illness symptoms often mimic common stomach flu, and you can clearly see how the problem can be overlooked until it’s too late. And still, the United states accounts for up to ten million cases of waterborne disease each year.

Morris helps you learn what the symptoms of many water borne illnesses are so you can learn how you can be proactive. Even if you do not get your water from a public water system it is wise to check for well water contamination because underground well water can also become contaminated.

The Blue Death Book CoverIn addition, Dr. Morris discusses different future strategies to improve and make our drinking water safer, such as the use of ozone. Also, improved filtration is important but even this does not correct the new rising problem of chemicals in our water. Water quality in the developing world is recognized as a problem, not so much in the developed world, but this will likely change in the future he asserts.

This book will make you want to test your drinking water in your home and take proactive steps to ensure your water is clean. It may even move you to take personal responsibility rather than wait for your state or county government to take action. You can do this by researching what’s in your drinking water, and locate the best whole house water filtration systems to guarantee you are drinking the safe water. Our immune systems have a hard enough time as it is dealing with various forms of toxic exposure we encounter daily, so drinking clean water is vital.

You will never look at water the same way after reading, The Blue Death: Disease, Disaster, and the Water We Drink by Dr. Robert D. Morris. HarperCollins did a wonderful service publishing this important book and hopefully we will all wake up and address the problems with the potential of contaminated drinking water in the United States before an epidemic makes us take action.

It is easy to understand how this important book received a five star rating at Amazon and why people are recommending it to others.