Voice Message from Creativity Card Deck Readings

Voice – A Message from the Creativity Cards

It is always fun to play with the Creativity Cards and see how the message relates to life on any given day.

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Today’s card is “Voice” and this is what we can learn from this card.

Voice – What Are You Not Saying?

card6There is a
statement you wish to make. As yet, you have been silent. Perhaps your muteness stems from fear of being
misunderstood, or from a feeling that your words might overwhelm reason and you’ll say things you regret.
Maybe there is a song of unique expression forming inside, but it feels too bold or too exciting, not in
sync with your life or the way others expect you to behave. Still, your body vibrates to that rhythm deep

Whatever is out of balance now stems from the throat chakra physically, so working there on a physical level
will help free your energy now. Give voice to your anger, your needs and your dreams. Risk being heard and
noticed. Speak in support of your path and your work. Sing with the angels of your own Spirit. It will be
a most irrepressible choir, perhaps strange but beautiful – let the sound erupt! Sing in the shower, yell
in the car, quote poetry, talk to yourself and your Self, whisper to the stars, and howl at the moon. The
next time someone asks you how you are, blurt out the truth with no editing. Take a chance on honest communication
and full expression of your emotional truth.

Whatever the goal before you now, verbal action is required. Your voice is your instrument, for bringing a
new direction or healing into place. Speak now and speak with authority.

This may also be a time when you are gifted with oracular voice, to be a teacher and seer for others. Trust
the messages that come through your voice. You might want to work in developing your capacity as a channel
for higher knowledge.

If you have struggled with speaking up for yourself, or with saying what you really mean instead of what you
think someone wants to hear, this card is an indication that continuing to do so is not wise or healthy for
you. Risk speaking out, and speaking directly.

If you make your living with your voice – as a singer, radio broadcaster, reporter, public speaker or minister
– an exciting new career opportunity is available now. Acting note: Let your voice dance instead of standing
still. Whisper, laugh, sigh, cough, stop speaking in the middle of a word, start to speak when you have no
lines, pause, and speak with silence.

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