Things to know about electric shavers and sensitive skin


As sophisticated beings we love to treat ourselves to the most enjoyable experience also when it comes to shaving. It is not to say that you are a little princess if your skin is sensitive – in fact a large proportion of males have sensitive skin. But buying and using the right shaver is what makes the difference.

The question as to whether an electric shaver or manual blade is best kind of depends, because innovation and design is not only applied for electric shavers these days. That said, we wanted to cheat a little bit in our quest to find out which would be the best electric shaver to choose. So yes, I admit, the advice from Shaver Guru was highly influential.

At the time of writing this, the community at Shaver Guru voted that the number one best Electric Shaver is the Braun Series 9 9095cc. What is particularly cool about it is the foil-style shaving head that contains four rows of cutters. Blades are all encased within each one with the two central ones as cutting combs. Then, the two blades on either side are foils with slots to capture normal and coarse, as well as flat-laying hairs before snipping them off. Off course there are other popular shavers too like the Braun series 7 and Philips Norelco S9721/87. But perhaps a picture says it all, according to the Shaver Guru review:

Image comparison by Shaver Guru:

What makes a good shaver for sensitive skin?

Great now that we know which shaver is the best for sensitive skin, let’s explore what makes a good shaver. It is way more than just a slick design and long battery life. You might have a shaver with a very long battery life but it still does not protect sensitive skin. The one feature that is the vitiating factor here is the distance that the blade comes from the skin. This is where a bit of modern sophistication comes in: the most advanced shavers will some as close as the thickness of a very thin blade from the skin. By closing this distance to the absolute minimum, it solves the problem that is otherwise unpleasant during and after shaving.

The reason why most electric shavers have a money-back guarantee, is that there can be individual factors that would make one shaver better than another. Whereas the review guides are useful in narrowing down your options, it can happen that different people prefer different shavers, causing somewhat of a variance between the top 5 shavers on the market.

General tips on electric shaving:

When you transition over to electric shaving, there are some things to know that will ultimately make it a better experience. Firstly, remember that the skin has natural oils that are not so great for shaving. It helps therefore to use a pre-shave product that contains alcohol (like “AFTA pre-electric or “lectric shave”). Next, pay attention to which angle works best – as that is what you should use whenever shaving. It takes a few minutes to test, but after initial trial and error you will find what works best. Electric shavers sure last longer than blades – but they not to infinity. So you might replace it after 2 years. Off course once you know which is the best shaver for you, why change? Stick to a winning formula!

Concluding thoughts:

Finding the best electric shaver for you is somewhat of a personal quest. Some do it for a treat, others do it because they wouldn’t want a poor shaving experience with rash afterwards. Whatever motivates you, remember these tips as it may come in handy. Happy shaving!