Study Says Around A Third Of People Believe Cell Phones Cause Cancer

If someone told you cell phones are linked to causing cancer would you believe them? If you thought yes, you would be in the minority. According to a recent study 30.1% of consumers believe that regular use of a cell phone increases the likelihood of getting cancer. As of yet, studies which indicate this to be true seem to be inconclusive. New studies do show a correlation in lab rats, but the evidence does not conclude that this is deemed to be true for such effects arising in humans. Studies investigating the use of cell phones patterns with the risk of cancer in people have produced inconsistent results. Several studies enrolled people who already had tumours with suspected links to RF radiation, such as gliomas, acoustic neuromas and salivary gland tumours. Comparisons were made by researchers between the self-reported cell phone use habits of the cancer patients with those of other people while they were still healthy. Researches followed them over time to see if new cancer diagnoses tracked with how they used cell phones. The studies however came with troubling limitations, in which the concern that the enrolled subject’s accuracy of reported use of their cell phone habits may not be absolutely 100%.

The popularity of cell phones and the need for the next piece of technology may be perceived to be at an all-time high, meaning the release of a faster network isn’t too far away. In Q4 of 2018, 5G rollouts across the US are deemed to be likely with further expansions due to take place through 2019.  Is this necessarily a good thing you may ask? Some cities are acting to prevent the roll-out of the 5G ‘small cell’ towers that would be necessary to achieve widespread coverage for the new technology. The EMF Safety Network are among those who are urging for the restrictions on 5G rollouts. The Safety Network claim that such technology and the ‘millimetre wave’ frequencies that it utilizes, are ‘scientifically shown to harm people and nature’. Such research however, as mentioned before, is deemed to be inconclusive. With around a third of the survey respondents believing that cell phone radiation increases the likelihood of cancer, carriers are likely to see significant resistance as they attempt to expand new 5G towers across the country. With carriers claiming that this new technology is ‘revolutionary’, the major side effect of cancer which is claimed to be associated with cell phone use may provide an unwanted barrier for the major firms.