Starting a new hobby could lead to new friendships

Being an adult and starting a new phase of your life can be hard. Maybe you moved to a new city knowing no one, or maybe your college friends moved away. Not having close friends near you can make this next stage of your life more difficult than you thought. 

Studies show that most adults think having close friends is important to their overall well-being. For example 53% say that they have between 1 and 4 close friends, while 8% say they do not have any at all. The same study shows that having friends is even more important to adults than being married or having kids. Friendships help you grow as a person and give you a different sense of fulfillment than other relationships. You just have to put yourself out there and believe that it will happen.

You’ve tried going to bars, restaurants or even the park to try and meet new people. In this day and age it feels harder to meet people in person because social media is the new way of life. It is also extremely nerve wracking to go up to people in public, have a conversation with them and hopefully become friends. Those organic types of situations do not always happen often. So, how are you supposed to meet new people and form strong connections? Perhaps starting a new hobby will lead you to people that you can grow with. 

There are many different hobbies you could choose from, it’s really whatever fits your interests the best. Joining a club or a group that meets to do said hobby already gives you the community aspect you are looking for, like a book club, running club or even a quilting club. Being in a space where you can chat with other like-minded people with similar interests is a great way to start new friendships. Having things in common with people you do not really know gives you great talking points to build off of. 

“Having a space to form connections with people who have similar interests is important, and quilting does just that. Not only do people get to do the craft they love, they get to meet people with different perspectives and life experiences,” says Corey Pearson, VP of Customer Success at Linda’s Electric Quilters.

Starting a new hobby also gives you weekly or monthly opportunities to meet new people. Many times clubs will have set days in the week when they meet, so it gives you something to look forward to and is not just a one time thing. Being able to speak with people on a regular basis gives you both the space to learn more about each other, and hopefully will foster a friendship that will last outside of the hobby. 

Making friends with strangers can also be some of the best education you ever receive. You can learn and share about past experiences, give advice and be able to really get deep on a personal level. You cannot grow as a person if you are not giving yourself the space to do so, and making new friendships can teach you a lot about yourself and the friend you want to be for others. 

“This can help people grow in ways they never imagined. Quilting is a great activity, but it’s how you use your skills to form connections with others. We have a lot to learn from people, and I think a quilting club or community gives people the outlet to share advice and change peoples’ lives,” Pearson says. 

Quilting is just one example of the many hobbies you can start. New activities are everywhere; you just have to do a little research to find the right one. Making friends is trial and error. You might not mesh perfectly with people on the first try, but don’t let that deter you from trying again. The key to having flourishing relationships is to water them with love and care. Give it your best shot, and something great could happen.