Bio-Sonic Repatterning Video Study Program on Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Therapy Classes: Bio-Sonic Re-Patterning Video Study Program

With a comprehensive 6-video series you can become skilled as a sound healer and communicator.

In course studies you will learn all about the
major sound healing modalities including tuning forks, sound, voice, mantras and the five elements.

Learn how to use sound as a vibrational healing method, master hands-on, practical ways to work with sound for healing
and increase your level of consciousness, flexibility, creativity and expression in your work and personal life.

This video series is designed to empower your healing desires by teaching you how to use the vibrational
healing method of sound along with the practical applications and protocols that guide you in working with yourself
and others. This course gives you a very thorough understanding of the powerful ways sound can be used to heal
yourself and how to apply it to yourself and others.

Through this series, you’ll begin to increase your level of consciousness, become more flexible and creative, and
open yourself up to new areas of communication and expression.

The course Includes the following videos:

Healing With Tuning Forks:
In this comprehensive ‘how-to’ video, you’ll learn how to use Bio-Sonic tuning forks
for your own personal use and in clinical practice.

Element Evaluation:
Using the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth, you’ll learn how to expand
your communication skills in your relationships, career and everyday life experience.

Dramatically improve your verbal communication and personal impact by learning to listen and evaluate
your voice.

Mantras Of The Spinal Chakras:
Learn to use bija mantras for healing in an energy medicine context in this
fascinating video.

Toning: Free your voice and heal your bodily emotions with the art of Toning.

Learn how sound works by exploring this this visual experience which shows how sound affects the
physical body. You will receive a foundation of knowledge to help you understanding the benefits and effects
of sound healing.

Also includes:

And Sound In The Healing Arts, Calendula, a
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Learn About Bio-Sonic
Re-Patterning Video Study Program and Tuning Forks

Vocal Work

We often think that great singers were specially gifted from the time of birth. But this is not true because we
are all born with the same physical capabilities.
By learning the right techniques you can also develop a singing voice and be just as skilled, as your favorite
singers and vocal artists of today.

More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.