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Treatment Plan to Stop Smoking and Methods That Help

Methods to Stop Smoking – Quiting Smoking Behavior Modification Program for Eliminating All Desire for Smoke

The reason quitting smoking is so hard is not so much because of the physical need for nicotine. That goes away
within a month.

It’s hard to quit smoking because it’s a behavior; an action and a habit that provides emotional benefit. It becomes
who you are a smoker. And to quit smoking, you’d be giving up a part of who you are. Although the body’s physical
need disappears rather quickly, if you don’t collapse all the anchors to smoking and scramble all your smoking triggers,
the mental urge can come back even years after a person quits smoking.

And if you’ve quit dozens of times only to start up time and time again, you know exactly what I mean.

If you have been actively pursuing smoking cessation evaluations of various programs, then we would like to answer
this question:

What will I
Am Smoke-Free Now do for you?

Listen to I
Am Smoke Free Now while you sleep and at any other time you can, and you’ll see these pleasant behavior changes.

If you know you should quit smoking, and can even list dozens of reasons why, but can’t quit because you simply
love it, then I
Am Smoke-Free Now may be the only solution to your problem.


Because it will make you want to quit. Your love for smoking will quickly reduce, become neutral, and then go 180
degrees the other way. And, your desire to stay smoke-free will be just as strong and firm as the most fervent non-smoker
you know. All you have to do is play this audio while you relax or sleep.

Your smoking “triggers,” those situations, those people, those thoughts that normally stimulate the desire
or need to smoke will be dissolved so that they will no longer create the urge to light up.

Perhaps you’ve always been one to come up with feeble excuses why you had to smoke, like:

  • It kept you thin
  • You hardly ever get sick, so why should you quit
  • Low tar is Ok
  • Everyone needs a vice
  • You think you’ve smoked too long; it’s too late for you
  • You’ll quit after some future event (but never do)
  • There’s too much going on in your life to quit (pressures, etc.)

Regular listening to I
Am Smoke-Free Now will help to “clear the air” so that you can truly, honestly see the folly in
those beliefs. And when no excuse sounds good enough to you, that’s the day you’ve become a non-smoker in the only
place it counts – in your mind.

So, that automatic habit of reaching for the pack won’t be so automatic. Sure, you might still reach for it in the
beginning. But soon the time between the “trigger” and the reaching will get longer.and eventually the
reaching will not occur at all.

  • No matter how many people smoke around you, pass it by your face or blow it in your direction, you will still
    magically, almost effortlessly, lose all desire to smoke.
  • The truth is, it’s possible to feel calm and relaxed without puffing on a weed. Billions of people do it. And
    with regular listening to I Am Smoke-Free Now! while you sleep, you too will be able to calm yourself and relax
    just like all those billions of non-smokers do, no matter what stress or pressure you may be under.
  • Even though you may currently see the task of quitting smoking as too overwhelming and feel totally hopeless,
    I Am Smoke-Free Now! will help you shrink down the size of the job so that it looks and feels easy and doable.
  • Do you absolutely dread the thought of withdrawal sickness? I have good news for you. Your desire to quit smoking
    will grow gradually as you continue to listen more to I
    Am Smoke-Free Now With this gradual reduction in the amount you smoke, you will lessen the likelihood of getting
    sick or feeling ill as your body cleanses itself from nicotine and other smoking toxins.
  • The volume of that little voice inside your head telling you, “You’re a smoker. It’s who you are. You can’t
    quit. Who are you kidding?” will get turned down and fade away. And you’ll be able to turn up the volume of
    a new recording that says, “You can do it. You enjoy being smoke-free. You are a non-smoker.”
  • Even if that little voice is so strong that you’ve continued to smoke through diseases like emphysema or cancer,
    I Am Smoke-Free Now! can even help you quit once and for all.
  • If you’ve ever gotten nervous and jittery during your previous attempts to quit smoking, it’s because you were
    trying to act like someone you’re not a non-smoker. Your self-concept is still probably very much a smoker. I
    Am Smoke-Fee Now works because it develops in you the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs of non-smokers. Since
    you’re becoming a non-smoker in your mind, you’ll no longer feel a conflict between your actions (not smoking)
    and the person you believe you are coming to be.
  • If you’re worried about gaining weight after you quit smoking using I
    Am Smoke Free Now, you shouldn’t be. The primary reason that people gain weight is because of the continued
    need to reach up and put something in their mouth. But I
    Am Smoke-Free Now will modify that behavior so the pattern of reaching up to your mouth will be broken.
    You’ll then be free to carry on your normal activities or socialize without the need to do anything else with
    your hands and mouth, and without the worry of excessive overeating.

Smoking Cessation Evaluation – Read Program Experiences

“We have really benefited from the CD on Quitting Smoking. My husband said it was the best he’s heard. He smoked
over 40 years and has done everything to try to quit. He hasn’t had a cigarette in 5 months.”
— Flo Clark, Chico, TX

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Tips and Methods to Stop Smoking

  • Keep in mind that acute cravings for cigarettes usually lasts no more than five minutes
  • Keep in mind that with each passing success of not smoking, the cravings will be reduced
  • When cravings strike in may be beneficial to exercise moderately or take a walk
  • Be prepared with things to do when smoking cravings attack. This will take your mind off the cravings
  • Do not go around or be around other people smoking
  • Eliminate drinking of alcoholic beverages while quitting smoking
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Consume plenty of raw vegetables and fibers
  • Avoid saturated fats, processed foods and sugars
  • It may be beneficial to eliminate toxins with a colon and liver cleanser, or the lung cleanse.

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