RapidRona Is the New Standard of Care During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Chicago-based med-tech company comprises a team of technology, healthcare, and science professionals who developed a singular COVID testing process that can be done completely at home and without interacting with anyone or suffering through a deep nasopharyngeal swab. 

The Covid self-collection kit and accompanying end-to-end service, which the FDA has approved under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), was formulated especially with the restriction of contact in mind. The process from ordering the kit to receiving your test results has been made as simple as possible, focusing on eliminating potentially harmful contact with others. 

RapidRona: Everything you need to know

Using the latest technology, the company utilizes rt-PCR (real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) to test for coronavirus. RapidRona provides gold-standard tests with an accuracy rate of more than 95%.  In contrast to many other coronavirus tests currently available, RapidRona tests for the actual viral genetic material rather than merely the antigens that resemble the viral proteins or antibodies that may or may not have been brought about by the virus. 

RapidRona’s test is self-collected at home, and a doctor’s requisition is obtained electronically by the company on the client’s behalf. Not many companies offer this service, but it is a pivotal part of the process to eliminate a doctor’s office visit, which costs time and money and the added potential exposure to the virus. These are significant barriers today between patients and the chance to get tested.

Once the test has been conducted at home with a ‘q-tip like’ swab in the nostril, RapidRona will pick up the sample from the client’s home. By utilizing rt-PCR testing, obtaining doctor’s requisitions, having an utterly at-home process, and offering a 48-hour guarantee, RapidRona is the only service of its kind when it comes to Covid-19 testing. 

Why is it important the samples are collected and picked up from home? 

In the fight against COVID-19, social distancing and the minimization of contact between individuals is paramount. As such, the fact that samples are collected and picked up from the clients’ homes is a giant leap in making sure that potentially infected individuals do not spread it to others in their effort to get tested. Many other companies require that those who have been tested deliver their sample to mailboxes or the like, which creates unnecessary inconvenience and potentially risky exposure. 

More than that, the 48-hour turnaround time means that clients have timely information of their status so that they can plan accordingly – whether isolating themselves within the home, informing their workplaces that they have tested positive, or even telling those with whom they have been in contact so that those individuals may take the necessary precautions. 

What to do to stop the spread of the virus:

Even if you aren’t symptomatic, you may still have the virus. However, if someone in your household shows symptoms, it is essential to stay at home. Steer clear of taking trips outside of your home except if you have to visit your healthcare provider. 

Should you have children, keep them at home unless necessary to take them to a doctor. It is essential that the symptomatic individual, or who has tested positive, remain in one room and not mingle in common areas. Activities that take place outside of where you reside shouldn’t be attended to, and when you are around other people, you must wear a mask. Wearing a mask is also necessary when pets surround you. 

Should you cough or sneeze, make sure that your mouth and nose are covered and get rid of any used tissues immediately. It’s essential that you wash your hands as often as possible and that you do so for a minimum of 20 seconds. When it comes to dishes, linen, or clothing – these cannot be shared with other people or pets. 

Surfaces should be disinfected and cleaned – especially if they are surfaces that are used often. These include counters, remotes, keyboards, and door handles. When in the presence of a sick person, remember to use disposable gloves and throw them out immediately after each use. 

The best way to know if you or someone in your household is Covid-19 positive is to get an rt-PCR test.

Final Take 

The coronavirus’s effects have been immense, but its spread can be contained to a considerable degree if everyone takes the necessary precautions. In this, we can all figuratively stand together until it is once more safe to do in person.