Prominent Health and Fitness Author Partners With Registered Dietitian to Release Mom-Guilt-Free Wellness Platform: VitaMomClub

Innovative Mother-Centric Platform Announces Launch–Created by Moms, for Moms.

Park City, Utah, July 21, 2021—

Carrie Myers and Ashley Wentworth, MS, RD, LD, have joined forces to launch VitaMomClub, a subscription service that delivers high-quality, primarily vegan gummy vitamins and supplements directly to subscribers’ doors. Carrie and Ashley, both busy moms themselves, originally came up with the idea when they realized that despite being health and nutrition professionals, they were often depriving themselves of an adequate degree of self-care on account of their busy, chaotic work and family schedule.

“There’s this huge misconception that the best moms put their kids first with everything–even at the cost of their own health. Becoming the stereotypical ‘Super Mom’, where you feel you don’t need to sleep or take care of your own needs, devoting all of your time to your kids, is the ultimate parental badge of honor, dark eye circles and all,” says Carrie. “It sounds cliche, but you must put your own oxygen mask on first. If you don’t, you will not have the energy or state of mind to adequately take good care of your family.”

Carrie has experienced this first hand, commenting on the fact that she was always taking care of everyone else and neglecting her own needs. When her kids were little, she admits to regularly resorting to yelling and losing her patience at the drop of a sippie cup. 

Ultimately, this lack of self-care did not serve herself or her family well, and in fact, almost cost her her own life at one point. It is in part, because of her own life experiences, that VitaMomClub was designed to streamline connections between moms and facilitate communication between them, with the goal of promoting a healthy work/life balance that doesn’t lead to the deprivation of their own mental and physical health. 

‘’Self-care is not selfish. It’s not even an option. It is seriously a necessity!” exclaims Carrie.

With this in mind, Carrie and Ashley started the development of their prominent VitaMomClub platform–created by moms, for moms. One of the principle aims of the company is to facilitate large differences in health, mood and energy via small, non-intrusive changes that can easily be incorporated into one’s schedule.

Believing that small changes can lead to big results, Carrie and Ashley chose tasty gummies as a way to deliver these small changes, bridging the nutritional gap in the stereotypically rushed, often nutrient-deficient “mom diet”–a.k.a. foraging off kids’ plates of uneaten food.

“Are vitamin supplements going to guarantee you total health and happiness?” asks Ashley. “No. But they can play a major role in making up for what you’re not getting in your food, and can be a good first step toward having more energy and being a happier mom in general who can now handle mom-life with a little more grace—and sanity.”

Carrie and Ashley also know that most moms do not want to have to pack their kids up, go to the store, and wait in line while reading through hundreds of vitamin bottle labels. “It stresses me out just thinking about it!” shudders Carrie, a mom of four sons. “We wanted to find a way to simplify the whole process, starting with which vitamins to purchase and how to get them to the families who need them.”

Consequently, the VitaMomClub platform has holistically simplified the process, offering subscription services which deliver specified vitamins to families’ doorsteps on a recurring monthly basis–with the ability to cancel anytime, for any reason.

More About VitaMomClub

Founded in 2021, is an initiative which aims to provide families with high-quality, affordable nutritional supplements more easily. Their mission is to offer encouragement, support, and products that help strengthen families by improving their health and happiness. 

Because VitaMomClub’s goal is to ensure that their vitamins remain as affordable as possible in the long-run, their products are marketed directly to moms across the United States.

“There are no expensive paid celebrity endorsements, no paying for premium shelf space at the big box retail chains, and no frilly packaging or labels. This all helps keep the price down so that as many families as possible can join the club and get the support and encouragement they need,” explains Ashley. 

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