The Benefits of Progesterone Therapy Pros and Cons

The Benefits of Progesterone Therapy

Progesterone and estrogen are the two main hormones that are made by the ovaries of menstruating women.

In smaller
amounts than estrogen, Progesterone is also made in by the adrenal glands.

This occurs in both men and women and
in males by the male testes. When a woman has a normal monthly cycle estrogen is the dominant hormone during the
first two weeks of her cycle. In response to ovulation, progesterone assumes dominance during the final two weeks
of the month. When a woman’s estrogen and progesterone hormones are out of balance can cause hormone related
illnesses to emerge.

This happens most often during menopause which is normally defined as the end of menstrual cycles. During this
time women can experience many unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Some are common and others are not so common. A
few symptoms are hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood swings. Osteoporosis is another symptom that can set in.

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It is known that progesterone levels typically decline before menopause starts. This is then followed by a decline
in estrogen. Progesterone production tends to fall to almost zero. Estrogen declines to about 40% to 50%. When this
happens it leads to an imbalance between the two causing an increase in estrogen activity. This is described as estrogen
dominance and can bring on many adverse conditions that can be avoided through progesterone therapy.

With a greater understanding than previously thought, the benefits of natural progesterone creams are helping women
balance their hormones naturally, without toxic drugs. Many women find that by supplementing their hormone production
with natural progesterone they will reduce many or most of their menopausal symptoms. This happens as the presence
of progesterone in the body sensitizes estrogen receptor sites. This in turn enables estrogen to work more efficiently.
It is important to also note that Progesterone is a precursor to other hormones in the body besides estrogen, which
include testosterone, and especially the corticosteroids.

  • These are some of the benefits of natural progesterone therapy:
  • Stimulated osteoblast bone building
  • Restored sex drive
  • Natural antidepressant
  • Protects against fibrocystic breasts
  • Normalized blood sugar, zinc and copper levels
  • Facilitates thyroid hormone action
  • Normalized blood clotting
  • Decreased breast cancer risk
  • Helps use fat for energy
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Elimination of depression after child birth
  • Natural diuretic

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