Struggling with Symptoms of PMS? Read My Beauty & My Beast

My Beauty & My Beast: Mind, Body and PMS, written by Pauline Houle and published by MBS Publishing, is an important work that every woman would benefit from reading.

With a mission such as Pauline’s you can sense her compassion for women and a desire to offer support:

“My mission is to help people help themselves and gain greater knowledge about their own mission and path in life so they can heal and become their best.” –Pauline Houle

Being a woman is really special but we all know there are less than pleasant aspects at times.

Many of the ways we look at and feel about our bodies during PMS and our monthly cycle has to do with our own expectations, our limiting beliefs, and our culture.

My Beauty and My Beast begins with a glossary — something usually found at the end of a book. It is important to read the glossary before jumping into the text to completely understand some of the terms used in their psychological meaning.

Because Houle is a professional Social Worker and Psychotherapist, these terms are necessary to communicate the concepts and are not used to simply use big words. In fact, the glossary is only 11 terms in length, but they convey important concepts as used in the text of My Beauty & My Beast.

Breaking Free of Limiting Beliefs

pic-getting-freeIn the initial 225 pages of Houle’s work, you’ll be presented simple concepts in easy to read, short chapters, each of which ends is a few bullets called “Moments of Introspection,” which are really questions about our own beliefs, insights into our thoughts and feelings that we all to often ignore.

One concept I found most striking was the fact that situations which present themselves to us as we are growing up often manifest themselves in our own lives.

For example, if raised in a home where PMS was a big issue for the mother or an older sister, or where cramps were debilitating, then we may have a built in limiting belief that we should expect the same and nothing else. These beliefs become self realizing and, unless there is a medical reason for the severity of the problem, there is no reason that we must accept these limiting thoughts.

Views on PMS Symptoms

pic-pms-symptoms-2Also in My Beauty & My Beast, Houle addresses traditional Western medicine’s research and views on PMS, presenting statistics, categories of symptoms such as cravings, depression, and others. Also addressed are major life events which can impact PMS such as major stress, personal crises, job loss, etc. and the statistics of how many women find their PMS symptoms impacted by such life events.

Included in Houle’s work is a section on ways a mother can talk to a daughter reaching puberty and when a son is reaching the age helping him understand how to be sensitive to the feelings young females experience. You also learn best ways to talk to your partner or spouse so that negative thoughts are not passed from generation to generation and partners can reach a greater understand of the feelings involved when PMS does occur.

Views on Menopause

Part Two of My Beauty is a section addressed to those approaching or reaching menopause. The book explores thoughts on what to expect and how to avoid limiting beliefs in that time of life as well.

This is a very important area since many women today are going from having periods to menopause without the severe menopause symptoms so many women complained of in past. This is simply because we no longer believe we have to experience hot flashes or other problems and in this generation we can talk to our doctors about any problems we encounter.

Survey of PMS and Menopause Symptoms

pic-bookcover-pms-symptomsPart One on PMS ends with a survey which allows research to continue and also allows you to compare your life with the statistics of other women.

Part Two on menopause ends with a short survey on that subject as well. At the very end of the book (and at one appropriate area inside the content) are areas for taking notes. There is ample space to note points of reference to which you’ll wish to return or refer again and again.

Woman’s Support Guide

Every female should read My Beauty & My Beast: Mind, Body and PMS by Pauline Houle because it is an excellent way to receive support during times of change.

Women who experience PMS should consider this part of their must-read self-help material. Teenage girls experiencing those first attacks of PMS should be presented this book so they do not develop limiting beliefs presented through television, or the advertising of products for PMS. The information support a woman so she will realize that other females of all ages go through many of the same experiences.

This guide will also help make a teenagers first discussion with her physician about female issues a much easier task because she will be equipped with knowledge of terms and statistics. The many self-help techniques addressed in this book can help any female of child-bearing age.

I simply can not tell you how much I wish I had been presented a text for women of this value when I was first experiencing PMS. If you are looking for a way to support females in your life Houle’s information will really help. She won’t wish later that she had learned the things in My Beauty & My Beast: Mind, Body, and PMS by Pauline Houle.

You can also order a PDF version of this book and download it right away!

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