Moon Lodge Visions: A Spiritual Acceleration Handbook for Planetary Awakening

Moon Lodge Visions – The Spiritual Journey to Become A Divinely Human

Spiritual Health Solutions – Moon Lodge Visions Prophecies through 2012 is Spiritual Prophecy Blended-Tradition
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We are all aspects of God. The Moon Lodge Visions speak of the journey we are taking back to our Selves. We are
reclaiming all of our aspects, and coming back into “Oneness” to embody Divinity in human form.

The Visionary Power of Moon Lodge

The Moon Lodge Visions information is the result of my monthly practice of dedicated isolation during my menstrual
cycle. Since beginning this simple but very profound spiritual discipline, my entire life has changed for the better.

My health has greatly improved. I used to have terrible PMS for two weeks out of the month and it has all but disappeared
now! Also, my creativity has soared and my connection with All That Is has been greatly enhanced.

My work as a healer has deepened and I’m a better partner to my husband because of Moontime Isolation. Part of my
work is to educate women who may not be familiar with the Way of the Sacred Moon Lodge as a spiritual tool for healing,
visioning and connecting with Source.

For those who may be interested in beginning the practice of moontime isolation, I share the following information:

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Earth body prophecies Awaken the Spiritual and Sacred and the Divinely Human of Mother Earth

I Believe

1. We, as a planetary family, are creating The New Earth Body.

2. We are learning to become Divinely Human, anchoring our spiritual selves in the physical body.

3. We are experiencing acceleration and expansion beyond any that has been possible or discernable before, in the
entire history of the Earth project.

I believe these current unfolding’s are why we are here. The information I share is about that journey.

My name
is Neva Howell. I serve my Relations as a visionary author, lightworker, spiritual healer and creative artist.
Thank you for spending time with me here. The following information is my piece of the puzzle. We are all weaving
a tapestry of awareness together.

Imagine – The Global Hundredth Monkey Experience

spiritual prophecyExcerpted
from Moon Lodge Visions

Imagine being pure energy, able to take any form in an instant.

Imagine knowing that every aspect of life that existed was a part of you—that each individual life form was
an exciting, creative aspect of yourself.

Imagine that you decided to take all those aspects to a lower, more dense vibrational frequency than had ever been
sustained in your consciousness before, and to keep them there for an agreed-upon time.

What if this lower (slower) frequency, over time, began to shift your awareness of the other aspects of yourself,
to the point that you began to think of each one as separate?

You would then be able to experience yourself in a totally objective way—without personal opinion or emotional
investment. You would be able to learn new things about your own capabilities, your strengths and your challenges.
Then, what if it became time to reunite with all those other aspects of yourself?

What if some aspects had gotten so disconnected that they felt lost or hopeless. What if some aspects began to look
unsavory to you, or unacceptable? What would it take to bring all of you together again?

The Moon Lodge Visions material, from which the above writing is taken, began as part of a spiritual initiation
spanning four years of my life, during which I began to practice a blended-tradition version of Sacred Moon Lodge.
I am not a teacher of Native American traditions or any other tradition that utilizes the time of the Moon as a time
of spiritual strengthening and prophecy for women.

I am simply a woman who was called strongly into the practice of isolation during my Moon Time, for the express
purpose of spiritual acceleration and spiritual edification. As a result of my Moontime Isolations, The Moon Lodge
Visions material came forth. Humbly, I share that information here. Neva

More from Moon Lodge Visions – An Acceleration Handbook

While I don’t claim to have an absolute Akashic Record account of creation, I know there are elements of truth in
the scenario above. We are all aspects of God. The Moon Lodge Visions talks about that journey back to ourselves.
We are asked to claim all of our aspects, and come back into “Oneness”. we began this specific journey
in planetary acceleration in 1996.

Those of us on the “front lines” of this acceleration boost period completed the frequency shifts in acceleration
required by the end of the year 2000, or we left the third dimensional life form and are continuing our work from
other realms. This completion provided the springboard for later “Spirit Time Markers” of 2003 and 2011.

This initial four-year cycle of accelerated transmutation involved those who chose to work in planetary expansion
of the heart chakra energies, and I call this group “Circle One.” The second group of Lightworkers began
their special emphasis on opening the throat chakra energies in 2000.

In order to come back into and sustain higher vibratory frequencies, it is required that a new level of openness
exist within the upper energy centers, or chakras (heart, throat, third eye, crown) of those who agreed to assist
the masses in vibratory change after the initial phase of critical mass was reached.

For most Circle Ones who are aware of their assignment, 1996 was felt as a “heart” year, 1997 as a “throat” year,
1998 as a “third eye” year and 1999 as a “crown chakra” year, meaning there was acceleration
specific to the qualities associated with these chakras. For “Circle Two” Lightworkers, this same progression
through the upper chakras began around 2000.

Though everyone will go through these enhanced “upper center openings,” those of us who agreed to assist
the masses in vibratory change are to go through these shifts earlier than the majority of people. There will continue
to be an overlap of chakra emphasis as people continue to rise up through different levels. Enhanced upper center
openings will continue at different levels through the coming years.

After the whirlwind that was 1996 (remember?), I hesitated to even look at the additional four-year cycles I knew
were to follow. The partners-in-healing within my circle (as well as the many people who have called after receiving
the Visions from friends) had struggled through about all the big shifts and change they could handle.

In fact, as the close of the year came nearer, it seemed that many were riding a roller coaster of emotions and
dealing with tremendous family issues, often at crisis levels. It was as if there was a powerful and relentless push
to clear everything by the end of the year. Some of the first information I received about 1996 indicated that it
would be the roughest of the first four years in the Fulfillment Grid formation process, but I didn’t realize how
rough it would get!

Many times, in hearing of all the sudden emergencies, deaths, illness and conflicts, I thought “This can’t
all be happening at once, it just isn’t possible!” During 1996 (and early 1997), many of you changed jobs (or
even careers), left relationships, lost family members, relocated, went through major physical reactions to the energies,
and altered almost every aspect of your lives.

Spirit said that 1996 would be the year we hit the initial phase of planetary critical mass-a global hundredth
monkey effect. All evidence points to the accuracy of that statement. Then, in 1997, I saw the shifting of throat
chakra energies. During 1997, music became very important to many, even a driving force.

For some it was the beginning of a desire to sing, tone, or play an instrument. For many others, it was the re-awakening
of old musical talents, taken to a fresh new level of energy transmission. 1998 brought in enhanced intuitive energies
which will be challenging us more and more, as we become increasingly aware of what people around us are thinking
or feeling. For many, this year manifested a yearning to connect with Eastern ways, such as Buddhism and Taoism.

It is certainly no accident that The
Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, was published when it was, or that the Moon Lodge
Visions information has come forth. If it were not my voice it would be the voice of another, but the information
would come because it is time.

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