How can you keep your brain young?

Memory Bible by Gary Small Bookcover

It’s a common perception that the older one gets, the less capable his or her memory is. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the trend, says Dr. Gary Small. With a proactive approach to brain health, including a healthy diet and regular “brain teaser” exercises, the effects of ageing on memory can be reduced or avoided altogether.

Ageing Expert Dr. Gary Small

Dr. Gary Small is the director of the UCLA Center on Aging. Known as one of the world’s “leading innovators in science and technology”, he is an expert on psychiatry and the human brain. With six books written on the subject, Dr. Small is often referred to as the memory, brain and ageing expert. His research focuses on brain health and how to keep the brain young. Thanks to his cutting-edge knowledge of psychiatry, the brain, technology and ageing, Dr. Small travels worldwide to deliver lectures and keynote addresses on these topics.

Preserve your memory

Book Cover for The Memory Bible by Gary SmallOne of the six titles written by Dr. Small is The Memory Bible: An Innovative Strategy for Keeping Your Brain Young. The Memory Bible includes “brain fitness” exercises, such as stress reduction techniques, puzzles, brainteasers and diet tips (featuring antioxidants for their incredible contribution to brain health).

In addition to offering memory-enhancing strategies, this entertaining book features scientific memory research and promotes lifestyle changes intended to preserve the integrity of readers’ brain. As it is a self-help book for people dealing with ageing, many case histories are also offered.

The Memory Bible is a book targeted for baby boomers with the intention of assisting with their current and up-coming memory issues. The Memory Bible is about memory impairments related to aging, and is a great guide for those wondering if their current condition is just a memory lapse or a precursor to Alzheimer’s.


Boost your memory

Improve Your Memory Now: Maximize Your Brain Power (Sounds True) is a course by Dr. Small available as an audio CD or digital download. With the intention of promoting the idea that memory loss does not necessarily have to be a consequence of ageing, as commonly perceived, this course is designed to show people how to increase their brain power.

Improve Your Memory Now CourseDr. Small offers invaluable information in this course, including:

  • nutrition advice and lifestyle recommendations that promote brain health;
  • a self assessment that allows listeners to accurately rate their memory improvements;
  • a technique called “Look, Snap, Connect” designed to help listeners remember everything immediately;
  • various exercises designed to boost brain power; and
  • relaxation methods, as it has been shown that stress is a major contributor to memory impairment.

Improve Your Memory Now encourages listeners to be proactive with their brain and memory health, and engages them with sensible and effective exercises. For anyone with an interest in remaining sharp and keeping their ageing brain agile, Improve Your Memory Now is a perfect brain fitness programme.

Dr. Gary Small on CNN News Room

In this video, Dr. Small talks about how technology is affecting our lives and provides some great tips on supporting our brain health in this information age.